Lithuanian areas - regions of Lithuania province

Areas of Lithuania

Areas of Lithuania

Not the largest country in the areaplanet, Lithuania, however, has a rather complex system of administrative division, understand that before you go on vacation or on weekends will not be superfluous. The main areas of Lithuania called counties. They number ten, and each of them, in turn, divided into government. They are in the country - tens and six government may look like the city or the administrative areas and is divided further to eldership. These trudnovygovarivaemyh objects on the map Lithuania, more than five hundred, but even at this Baltic bureaucrats decided not to stop. Eldership plans to share more and syanyunaytii. One can only wonder who with so many managers will bake bread or stitch boots?
However, for the average traveler theseterritorial intricacies are not too high, because the intersection regions of Lithuania borders when moving in any way to affect either the quality of roads, no trains on comfort.

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List of areas in Lithuania, called counties,He headed Alytus. In Vilnius is the capital of the country, and in Kaunas - one of the most important and largest of its cities - Kaunas. Klaipėda county as part of the same name is familiar to travelers as a port on the Baltic Sea, and Panevezys - as the home of the theater, where a magnificent Donatas Banionis played for many years. For those who prefer all kinds of beach holiday leisurely and measured the Baltic Sea resort, we can recommend a holiday in Palanga - subtle, inconspicuous, but very welcoming and comfortable.

Why Siauliai?

One of the most popular tourist towns in Lithuania - SiauliaiIn the north of the country. It does not deprive any attention fans of ancient history, no fans of unusual museum displays. The city was already inhabited in the I century of our faith, but in the Middle Ages is rattled by serious fighting between the army and the local occupants of the Order of the Sword.
Modern Siauliai - Lithuania region, where every possible waywelcomed a healthy lifestyle. He even called the bicycle capital of the country, because since the 80s of the last century, many inhabitants of Siauliai as a means of transportation have chosen two-wheeled friend.
And in this city opened several interestingexposures that seem exciting and informative to all categories of travelers. The most famous - museums cats, photography, radio and television and, of course, bicycles.


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