Activities in Lithuania in June: prices and weather. Where to rest in Lithuania in June

Activities in Lithuania in June

Activities in Lithuania in June

Lithuania, which occupies quite a small area onBaltic coast, meanwhile is one of the main tourist areas for the Russian citizens. Attracted by the proximity, availability of transportation, the similarity of climate, which is very important when choosing a holiday or elderly married couples with children.

In addition, five ethnographic wealthLithuanian regions providing rich excursion routes. Introduction to architectural attractions of the city and the village, the farmhouse crafts will leave the best impressions about the rest.

Weather in Lithuania in June

Summer is coming to Lithuania and the calendar, and in reality. thermometer rushes up, the night temperature reaches + 11 ° C, in the afternoon - 10 ° C warmer. Klaipeda and other towns and villages located on the amber coast of the Baltic Sea, are invited to the opening of the beach season. The sea water temperature may reach + 18 ° C.

Unfortunately, in the famous Palanga swimming seasonIt depends on the warm and cold currents. Already in June may be the temperature of the sea water, comparable to the fresh milk that is pleasant for swimming. By contrast, in the hottest time of the cold sea can scare off tourists. This feature of holiday in Lithuania - surprises the weather will not let calm and will keep on our toes.

The capital of Lithuania Minor

One of the ethnographic regions of the countryIt was named Lithuania Minor, which is silent capital Klaipeda. June holiday in Palanga nearby can be perfectly combined with excursions to Klaipeda, where there are many beautiful monuments of local history.
Basic information about the history of the region can begather at the Museum of Lithuania Minor, his impressions and leave the branch, revealing the secrets of blacksmithing skill. A special tour can be devoted to the wooden architecture of Klaipeda. The city survived many buildings adorned with carved architraves, wooden patterns, reminiscent of lace.

Jazz Festival in Klaipeda

If visitors to rest in LithuaniaJune, small excursions, beach activities and the opening of the bathing season, the soul asks for something else, you should buy a ticket to Klaipeda. In the first half of June, there will begin the musical meeting. They are organized in the framework of the International Jazz Festival, which takes place in the famous castle of Klaipeda.

Thousands of music lovers from all over Lithuania andforeign countries flock here to quench your hunger musical jazz improvisation, rhythm, blues and swing. Music is far beyond the territory of the fort, invited to join the celebration of the townspeople and visitors.

Photos rest in Lithuania

  • Activities in Lithuania in June
  • Activities in Lithuania in June

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