Activities in Lithuania in May: prices and weather. Where to rest in Lithuania in May

Activities in Lithuania in May

Activities in Lithuania in May

A small country - Lithuania - managed to getneighbor in four states and a piece of Baltic Sea coast. This brought her into the ranks of the maritime powers, allowing to create its fleet, as well as to successfully develop tourist business, associated with relaxation in the Baltic Sea.

Experienced tourists with full knowledge of the matter say,that unforgettable vacation in Lithuania will take place in May. High season is just beginning, the guests are not so much and the owners warmly greeted and treated to come to rest.

Weather in Lithuania in May

May Days delight tourists with warmth and sun. The rains are very rare and quickly come to an end, giving way to the sun again. The air temperature is the same for Vilnius, Kaunas and Druskininkai + 18 ° C, in Palanga and Klaipeda colder feel cool breath of the sea.

What places in Lithuania opt for the May holiday:

  • Vilnius, the capital of gorgeous any time of year, in May - especially because everything around flowers and fragrant.
  • Kaunas, Lithuania is one of the cities with the unique aura and numerous monuments.
  • Trakai with its magnificent renovated and restored the castle and Tartar delicious pies of the many local restaurants (most of the way, make the Tartars).

Tourist contingent

Lithuania is trying to organize a holiday for all categories of travelers. Children happy to go to summer camp, where most of the cultural and educational program developed.

Families often take tours ofLithuanian cities and reserved places. Men's Company are set on hunting and fishing, including marine. Many organizations have already entered into tradition corporate visits, for example, during the May holidays. They are fun, bright and imperceptibly fast.


Like its neighbors, Lithuania starts in May with the celebration of the Day of workers. Traditionally on this day the workers try to work as little as possible, but on the contrary, relax and have fun.

Another May festival in Lithuania is not tied todate, and it is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of the last month of spring - Mother's Day. You can see how love and tenderness Lithuanian kids prepare for moms gifts, souvenirs, concerts.

Theatre festival

May Lithuania will please fans of the stageArt. In the state capital, Vilnius, at the highest level, meet the actors who came to participate in the Festival live theaters. Being on one or another part of the scene, all become participants in the magic of theatrical activity.

Photos rest in Lithuania

  • Activities in Lithuania in May
  • Activities in Lithuania in May

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