Water parks in Druskininkai - photos, price, description

Water parks in Druskininkai

Water parks in Druskininkai

You are going to go on vacation in Druskininkai? Here you will find a local water park where you can escape from everyday work and spend time with pleasure and benefit!

Aqua Park in Druskininkai

Druskininkai water park pleases visitors:

  • Water complex with an artificial mountain, watercascades and waterfalls, tower, 6 open and closed slides, descents ( "Bermudai", "Srautas", "Adrenalinas", "Azartas"), pools (swimming pool with sea waves - generator produces 3 types of waves, rising to different heights to 1.5 m as well as a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, training, gymnastics), "turbulent river" (to go with the flow, you should use a special range);
  • area for children, stylized jungleequipped caves, mountain river, beach sand, "monkey" bridges (in this area there is a special staff - he looks after the 5-14 year old children, if necessary);
  • bath with 20 baths complex: it is equipped with dry saunas ( "Eldorado", "Kantri", "Infra", "Modern") and steam baths ( "Amber", "Afrodita", "Aida", "Faraon"); You can use special procedures in the form of masks for the face of the Black sea salt or honey, chocolate or masks for the body of the seaweed;
  • Cinema 5D Cinema (requires the simultaneous presence of 1-4 people - view the charts there, so waiting for your turn, you can select any movie and watch it);
  • sport club "Aqua Gym" (available power and cardio);
  • institutions of power.

Tickets for water sports: adults - 11 euros / 3 hours (on weekends - 15 euro), 3-6 year-olds - 5.5 euros (weekend - 7.5 euros), 7-17 year olds - 10 euros (weekends - 11.5 euros), and a full day of stay guests will cost 14, 8 and 13 euros respectively (at the weekend - in 23.5, 11 and 17.5 euros). Tickets for water activities + visiting the bath complex: adults - 12.5 euros / 2 hours, and the whole day - 23 euros (weekend - 18 euros / 2 hours, and the whole day - 30 euros), people aged 60+ - 8 euro / 2hours, and the whole day - 15.5 EUR (on weekends - 14.5 euros / 2 hours, and the whole day - 25.5 euros). It is worth noting that the rent towels guests will be asked to pay 0.87 euros, robe - 1.45 euros, vest - 1.45 euros, and the purchase of medical massage they offer for 4.5 euros.

Water Activities in Druskininkai

Do you want to live while relaxing in the hotel with swimming pool? Book a room at the Hotel "Violeta", "Grand SPA Lietuva Hotel Druskininkai" or another hotel.

If you are interested in recreation on the lakes, you cango to the lake Druskonis (pure water + walking + alley benches), Grutas (here direct fishing lovers - you can catch carp) or Viyunele (this place is popular with those wishing to take a dip).


  • Water parks in Druskininkai
  • Water parks in Druskininkai

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