Zoo in Klaipeda - photos, price, hours of work. How to get to Klaipeda Zoo

Zoo in Klaipeda

Zoo in Klaipeda

Zoological Park in the Lithuanian Klaipeda - one ofthe youngest in Europe. He came into the world through the efforts of biologist Edward Legeskasa and is located in a popular recreation area in the city 10 km from the city. Today in Klaipeda Zoo have a permanent residence about 200 animals representing one hundred and fifty species. Many of them are protected by the Lithuanian and international Red Books.

Klaipeda zoo

Since its founding favorite placefamily-friendly townspeople called zoo. It is accepted to spend the weekend watching their favorite animals in a comfortable environment. The organizers of the zoo tried their best and offer all guests a comfortable cages and areas for games. The old name "Klaipeda zoological garden" was replaced in 2014, the modern - "Klaipeda Zoo", as it is more accurately suited to a constantly evolving scientific. research and educational institutions. Citizens and tourists know this place and as a mini-zoo Klaipeda, because its territory is not too big.

Pride and Achievements

Park workers and residents of Klaipeda proud whitetiger who had settled in the park on the right of permanent lodger. And guests welcome good wolves and leopards angry, hard-working and respectable Panther raccoons, owls and smart hungry pelicans, narcissistic peacocks and pheasants neat. Primates are combined in comfortable cages with porcupines and elegant and graceful spotted deer peacefully coexist with llamas, camels and donkeys.

How to get there?

Location of the zoo - Jonusai K. Dauparai, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Get the easiest way to rent a car or a taxi. The park is located 10 km east of Klaipėda on the highway E85.

Helpful information

Opening hours:

  • C April 1 to October 31 inclusive park is open from 10.00 to 20.00. The box office stops selling tickets half an hour before closing.
  • From 1 November until 31 March the object operates only on weekends and holidays from 10.00 to 17.00.

Details of the schedule is best to specify the call.
Price per adult in Klaipeda Zoo - 4Euro per child from 3 to 7 years will have to pay 2 euros. Upon presentation of the relevant identity card with photo pupils, full-time students and senior citizens can get a discount and buy a ticket for 3 euros.
The right to free access to the Zoo offers kids up to 3 years, and discounted tickets are available to the disabled and persons accompanying groups of tourists.
Ticket offices accept payment only in cash. Bank cards serviced.
Zoo kindly requested to pay attention to the rules of conduct for visitors. Drinking alcohol, smoking and unauthorized feeding of animals is strictly forbidden here!

Services and contacts

The official website of the zoo Klaipeda - zoosodas.com.
Phone +370 46475063.

Zoo Photos in Klaipeda

  • Zoo in Klaipeda
  • Zoo in Klaipeda

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