Flag of Macedonia: photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Macedonia

Flag of Macedonia

Flag of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia The national flag was officially adopted in October 1995. It was then, along with the anthem and coat of arms, the flag has become an essential symbol of the sovereign state.

Description and proportions of the flag of Macedonia

Flag of Macedonia - a classic rectangularflag, the field which is made of bright red. In the center of the flag is applied yellow disc, which runs eight divergent beams in different directions. The stylized sun on the flag of Macedonia - a symbol of freedom. The anthem of Macedonia are the words dedicated to the new sun of liberty, images and on the flag.
The sun is present and on the arms of Macedoniaas its main element. Approved in 1947, the coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia contains several important symbols of the country's inhabitants. The sun rises over the mountains in the foreground shows the symbolic Macedonian full-flowing river, and the coat of arms frame the ears of wheat, cotton intertwined stems, poppy and tobacco - the main crops grown in the country.
Having the status of an independent state,Republic of Macedonia did not change its coat of arms. From it removed only a five-pointed star image, served as a symbol of the construction of communist society.

The history of the flag of Macedonia

As part of the Socialist FederalYugoslav Republic of Macedonia remained until 1991. Then, after the dissolution of Yugoslavia is now a sovereign state used as the state flag of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia. This symbol was adopted in 1946 and was a box of red color. In its upper part, facing the flagpole, it was dealt a gold five-pointed star circuit.
In 1992, the Republic of Macedonia adopted a newflag. His field still had the red and the Vergina Sun was located at the center of the flag. This icon looks like a disk with sixteen rays. For the first time such a star was found during archaeological investigations on the tomb of one of the rulers of Macedonia in ancient times. Verginsky symbol on the flag of the country Macedonia has been met by the world community is extremely ambiguous. Greeks protest over the use of the star image, found on their territory, and because in 1995 the Republic of Macedonia authorities have adopted a new flag design. Today it is the symbol of the country hovers on all flagpoles Macedonia.

Photo Macedonia flag

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