Diving in Madagascar - dive sites, photos

Diving in Madagascar

Diving in Madagascar

Diving in Madagascar in recent years,It is attracting more and more diving. The incredible diversity of the inhabitants of the underwater world, as well as pristine, untouched by man made reefs beauty island very popular dive site.

Island Nosy Tanikely

Small island attracts many divers. Lots of the local depth is 30 meters and visibility is simply magnificent. So dive around Nosy Tanikely available to all: beginners and pros.

The coastal waters of the island hide a rightseveral reefs, which is quite densely populated. Divers are just at the beginning of the descent (approximately two-meter depth) are beginning to surround the numerous shoals of reef fish.

Island waters are home to many residentsdepths of the sea - crocodiles, fish, groupers, stingrays and huge turtles, groupers pack. This diversity makes the underwater inhabitants dive site is very interesting for underwater filming.

Nosy Be Archipelago

  • Gorgonians Bank. At a depth of twenty meters you will meet huge gorgonian. Among the unusual inhabitants worth mentioning crocodile fish, octopus, sea turtles and leopard shark.
  • Se Bank. Among the beautiful coral gardens, you can watch the leopard sharks and shoals of barracuda. Giant lobsters and king fish become nice bonuses.
  • Unicorn Bank. The dive site is located near the island of Nosy Sakatia. Coral Gardens presents trees and brittle hard coral and swaying flowers softest. And among this splendor scurrying flocks of exotic fish, incredibly bright colors.
  • Rosario Bank. Reef is famous for the unique gardens of corals and gorgonians, beloved sea turtles and eels. Not rare guest in these parts whale sharks.
  • 5m Bank. Lovers stray underwater tunnels. Steep cliffs drop off reef at a depth of 40 meters.
  • Grand Bank. The reef has become a habitat for pelagic fish. Also you can watch and shoals of barracuda, king fish. It is not uncommon - a meeting with reef sharks.

Island Nosy-Iranja

The reefs are located in the coastal waters, chosenhabitat for numerous inhabitants of the ocean. Here you will find flocks of tuna hunting, manta rays, sea turtles, whales, and reef sharks. The visibility here is excellent and reaches 40 meters.

Archipelago Mitsio Archipelago

And advanced divers and beginners will get pleasure from the Sea diving in these waters. The depth ranges from 3 to 25-meters.

You will be able to admire the coral gardens, including busily scurrying flocks of colorful detail. But the majestic stingrays, tuna, sea eels are also frequent visitors to the archipelago.

Reef Castor Showl (maximum immersion - 40meters) is unusual for these places underwater topography. A huge number of rocks and tunnels, as well as an exclusive underwater world - "trees" made of black coral.


  • Diving in Madagascar
  • Diving in Madagascar
  • Diving in Madagascar

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