Prices in Madagascar - food, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take on Madagascar

Prices in Madagascar

Prices in Madagascar

Madagascar Prices are rather low: Milk is $ 0.8 / 1 liter tomato - 0,45 $ / kg 1, local cheese - 3.3 $ / 1 kg, and lunch at McDonalds or similar fast food establishments will cost you $ 4-5. Important: it is worth considering that most of the costs will amount to spending on airfare.

Shopping and souvenirs

Madagascar can and should bargain - fixed prices are typical only for the luxury hotels and shops.

For unusual souvenirs and gifts should bego to the Malagasy market. So, at the daily market in Antananarivo, you can buy various souvenirs, spices, electronics, exotic products.

In memory of their holiday in Madagascar should bring:

  • jewelry, Lambi (traditional clothes)Wall mask, tropical butterfly, or a dried exotic flower (such purchase better to do in a specialty store, to avoid a penalty at customs), vibrant local fabrics, ornaments of pearl and horn zebu, soap based on aromatic herbs, local cosmetics based on essential oils, carved figurines of people and animals, woven products (boxes, mats, baskets);
  • spices, honey, coffee or tea with flavors, wine and rum Malagasy production.

In Madagascar, you can buy spices by 1.5 $, textiles - from $ 7, jewelry - from $ 35, photos of local landscapes - from $ 1.

Excursions and Entertainment

On the tour through the National Park Ranomafana youwalk through the forest, you will see different species of plants, birds, lemurs (14 species), including rare golden bamboo lemurs. And in the evening for you to organize a night walk, where you can observe nocturnal species of lemurs. This 10-hour tour costs about $ 100.

If you want to see the black lemurs and enjoy a heavenly vacation, you should go to the reserve on the island Nosy Kumba (the cost of a 4-hour tour - $ 70).


The most cost-effective means of transportation forMalagasy is the city bus (fare is about $ 1-1.5). You can take a taxi - licensed with the logo "Adema" (they are metered), or "informal" with a fixed fare (all depends on the distance). No matter what service you decide to take a taxi, it is advisable to agree on a price in advance (an average of 1 kilometers worth $ 0.9-1.1). If you decide to rent a car, for this service, you pay about $ 45 per day.

For food and accommodation in the countryside youneed $ 10-15 per night for 1 person, and in Antananarivo and popular resort areas - $ 30-50 per day for 1 person. If you decide to stay in the best hotel, for example, in Thane, your daily expenditure will amount to $ 150 for 1 person.


  • Prices in Madagascar
  • Prices in Madagascar
  • Prices in Madagascar

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