Madagascar Resorts: photos, description

Madagascar Resorts

Madagascar Resorts

Drifting in the south-eastern shores of the Blackthe mainland island of Madagascar, like a small continent, rich in exotic atmosphere. Here there are unique species of plants and animals, which you will not see anywhere else on the planet, and local landscapes abound in volcanoes and tropical forests. Madagascar Beach resorts can boast the usual Russian tourist hotels "all inclusive", and therefore a special vacation here - the best of exotic and very informative.

"For" or "Against"?

Holidays in the resorts of Madagascar is usually carried outvery discerning travelers for whom the usual beach relaxation is no longer of interest, and excursions to popular tourist destinations traversed the length and breadth. These people are flying secured, ready to lay out only for the flight very tidy sum.

  • To get an exotic island is withdocking in Europe, and full flight will take at least 15 hours, but this does not become an obstacle for true fans to discover new and uncharted land for themselves.
  • Among other inconveniences that accompany touristsThis corner of the earth, - the need for vaccination against malaria and strict rules of water use, which even for brushing your teeth, use bottled.
  • Going on a self guided tours, it is important to be cautious and careful not to show the locals expensive cameras or wallets too solid.

Make friends with whales

Novels about pirates - favorite books on the dreamersall continents. Try to find treasures, hoarded pirates can be in the famous resort of Madagascar - the island of St. Mary. Once this is where the pirates hid from the authorities by hiding in passing values ​​stolen in endless journeys on the seas.
St. Mary's Island today - is kilometersgorgeous white beaches, sheltered from prying eyes by palm groves. There thriving diving and snorkelling, and the main feature of all the guests of the island are called boat trips to the whales. Along the shores of St. Mary's walk humpback whales, excursion vessels Keep a distance of less than a hundred meters.

The forest of baobab

The most popular resort Madagascar - Morondavain the west of the island. Just an hour's flight from the capital, on the ocean stretched endless beaches, which prefer to indulge in the pleasures of a tropical fans of tranquility and privacy. Hotels in Morondava most comfortable on the coast of the island, and the local attraction - the millennial alley of baobabs - invariably serves as a backdrop for photo shoots in the luxurious setting sun.


  • Madagascar Resorts
  • Madagascar Resorts

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