Renting a car in Malaysia. Car rental in Malaysia - prices

Rent a Car in Malaysia

Rent a Car in Malaysia

Getting to Malaysia can charter flightsor flights with transfers in the cities of Europe. Without a visa can stay in the country up to 30 days. If you have a driver's license, you can plan your route based on leased cars. Cheap Rent a Car in Malaysia require:

  • the availability of the rights of international standard;
  • age of 21 years;
  • Driving experience of 1 year.

Note, the movement in Malaysiadrive on the left, so the movement of transport have to be careful. In addition, an abundance of road signs can enter into a stupor, it is worth noting that the local population is often violate traffic rules, so you need to be careful while driving, and in the role of the transition.

Terms and recreation opportunities

Among the south-east Asian countries, Malaysia is consideredone of the safest countries for tourists. The climate of the country virtually unchanged during the year. The holiday season lasts all year round, and rain showers are rare.

Choose a place to stay can be amongmodern hotels, hostels and budget small hotels. The rooms offered only low-end furniture and all other facilities are available at an additional cost.

When visiting the country should take part in thenightlife resorts towns. A fun evening is possible in the trendy clubs, or taking part in the parties, which often arrange hotels. Only in Malaysia surfers will be surprised the number of surfing beaches. From November to March in this country the best conditions for water recreation.

To get a thrill from histravel, it is worth to buy tickets for trips to the mountains, as well as tickets to museums and national parks. Here you can get acquainted with the wild flora and fauna, make fascinating pictures.

Shoppers will be able to when visiting Malaysiavisit the modern shopping malls, buy jewelry and other valuable gifts. Buy clothes and shoes can be on the market in the same place you can buy food to prepare dinner with their hands.

served in the restaurants and cafespredominance of vegetables and rice. Most of the dishes liberally sprinkled with spices. In restaurants and cafes, working late into the night, not only can a delicious meal, but also to try alcohol, listen to performances of the musicians and see the creativity of the dancers.

Sightseeing tours around the country offered a lot: It can be found excursion length 1-2 hours or even several days. The cost of the study from the $ 20 tour. With children, you can relax in a fun amusement park.


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