Holidays in Malaysia in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Malaysia in August

Holidays in Malaysia in August

Holidays in Malaysia in August

It is not very large state holdingterritory in south-east Asia, boasts a huge number of attractions, fantastic monuments and exotic local cuisine and markets. Holidays in Malaysia in August will bring new experience for those tourists who cross the border for the first time in this hospitable country. Those who have already mastered the local resorts, tour operators offer interesting excursion routes.

Weather August

The hot and humid Malaysian climate is not suitableto each. Therefore, tourists should carefully to him to assess whether to rest strength enough. For it will have to sunbathe under the hot sun at a temperature of +30 ° C to +32 ° C. Sea bathing not bring awaited coolness, as the water temperature is the same as that in air. Brees is almost not felt, but the underwater depths are revealed throughout the pristine beauty, and it is here that the tourist can find a place cooler.

Places where many wild-wild monkeys

This is not Brazil as one assured heroesof the popular Soviet films. A paradise for the tourists will see the monkeys in Malaysia. Do not just enjoy the meeting with these animals, seemingly so sweet and good-natured.

Not a tourist in Malaysia has already paid for his kindness and inattention, which are clever macaque fraudsters, instantly becoming proprietors thick wallets or smart cameras.

Festival of exotic flowers

Especially for the guests of the country in the capital every year,in the middle of summer, it arranged a grand celebration. Exotic flowers and plants greet visitors as soon as they cross the threshold of the airport, accompany them on the beach and excursions.

But only for a festival of colors, you can tryevaluate all their variety and beauty. Bright and exotic representatives of the local flora present in photo exhibitions and demonstrations, of flowers make wonderful flower arrangements. The finale of the event becomes a masked parade, in which huge, decorated with flowers platform, passing through the city.

Bright night

In Malaysia, with respect and consideration areevery guest seeking to diversify its leisure offering new entertainment and spectacle. Even the Malaysians love colorful festivals. Therefore, in August at any of the resorts you can get to an amazing fireworks festival, when the night sky above the city lights up with thousands of fireworks.

Photos vacation in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in August
  • Holidays in Malaysia in August

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