Holidays in Malaysia in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Malaysia in July

Holidays in Malaysia in July

Holidays in Malaysia in July

This is an amazing country with a huge streamtourists coming here on a daily basis, manages to keep the virgin jungle, to ensure the purity of the beach areas and the most exquisite forms of recreation for the guests. Holidays in Malaysia in July, will give a real paradise fairy tale, soft sand beaches, soothing rustle of the waves, amazing sunsets and sunrises.

Weather in July

Malaysian territory is characterized by hot andvery humid climate, which is suitable for people who do not have problems with the cardiovascular system. Like the tree, which in the winter and in the summer of the same color, the air temperature in the country throughout the year is approximately the same.

In the most visited resorts and sea temperature in July is from +30 ° C (Langkawi and Penang) to +32 ° C (Kuala Lumpur). At night, the air is cooler at 10 ° C.

The shopping trip

No tourist who come to Malaysia notcan remain indifferent to the souvenirs and crafts by local artists. In leaving suitcases sent to different countries with the original design jewelry made of silver or gold, braided or carved wood interior. Men will appreciate the well-known brand watches brands, computers and other electronics.

At the crossroads of cultures

Tourists arriving in Kuala Lumpur will appreciate,except for a wonderful holiday on the coast, and the city rich excursion program. There are places of worship belonging to different religions, including mosques, pagodas, Hindu temples.

Fans of architecture will have to tastea tour of the iconic structures, characteristic of Moorish (complex of buildings on Independence Square), Victorian (Clock Tower and the Museum of Natural History) style. Elements of the Gothic Revival architect dominate the Catholic cathedral, consecrated in honor of St. John. Islamic motifs is well manifested in the decoration of many local mosques and even the KL Tower.

Children will enjoy spending more time in onelocal parks, which contains certain exotic representatives of the local fauna and flora. Only here you can visit the amazing beauty of the garden, the main inhabitants are the orchids. Or a unique park with vibrant colors that take off with the appearance of man. Peering closer, curious tourists realize that this is an unprecedented butterfly shapes, sizes and colors.

Photos vacation in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in July
  • Holidays in Malaysia in July

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