Holidays in Malaysia in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Malaysia in March

Holidays in Malaysia in March

Holidays in Malaysia in March

Malaysia, which occupies quite a large areain the south-eastern part of Asia, claims to be the leader of the tourism business, not only in this region but also in the world. To come here, you can almost all year round, vacation in Malaysia in March, no doubt, will bring a new experience to tourists for the first time crossed the borders of this country, and open the following page mysterious has happened here.

Climate Malaysia

The close proximity to the equator determinesrelevant climatic conditions. The heat and humidity - constant companions in this tourist country. The climate in the western and eastern parts of several different, as the territory of the peninsula is under the influence of continental air masses. The eastern part of Malaysia experiences a sea winds.

Weather in March

Weather March to withstand forces onlyvery healthy people. Therefore, families with children, people aged or heart disease better than to relax in Malaysia choose another month or even pay attention to the other countries, working in the leisure industry.

The air temperature during the day in the whole territoryvirtually identical, from +28 ° C to +30 ° C, at night within +26 ° C. Such temperature control is perfect for a beach holiday with all its diversity of species.

But to get acquainted with the history and unique culture of Malaysia will be more difficult. The more that tourists are very difficult to break away from the sea baths, the water temperature on the coast of +28 ° C.

Malaysia old and new

If you still get tired tourist rest, want other pleasures, there is a possibility to get acquainted with Malaysia to find out where the country seeks now and how the locals survive here before.

By selecting one of the many interesting routes,you can proceed to sightseeing, familiarity with the country and its inhabitants. Cities struck by the abundance of skyscrapers, amazing views of urban transport - monorail, active nightlife. Like other well-known resorts in the world, is held in high esteem nightclubs, dance halls, restaurants.

Suburbs - a reflection of ancient Malaysia and alsoexotic for Russian tourists. Here you can see how rice grows in the vast fields look like rubber plantations or gardens from oil and coconut trees.

Travel to the jungle

Another attraction for tourists in Marchbecome acquainted with the local jungle. The kingdom of untouched nature, unique forests, the riot of colors of green and local residents await tourists who decided to leave the beach for the time zone.

Photos vacation in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in March
  • Holidays in Malaysia in March

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