Holidays in Malaysia in May: prices and weather. Where to rest in Malaysia in May

Holidays in Malaysia in May

Holidays in Malaysia in May

Amazing country is so far advancedin the field of tourism, which is the key word that characterizes the rest in Malaysia - "the most." This means that there is the best choice of dive sites. The nature of these places is the most exotic and beautiful. Each of tourists arriving on vacation in Malaysia in May, provided the most intense and rich experience on vacation.

Climate and weather in Malaysia

The climatic conditions of the country are characterized by constancy, year-round weather is hot with high humidity. And even the frequent heavy rains high temperatures is not a hindrance.

Tourists arriving on vacation in early May, morecan catch the rainy season, and should therefore be willing to accept bad weather and with joy. Fortunately, the rains are intermittent in nature and sunny weather returned to the thirsty people to rest. If the vacation is planned for May, it is better to choose the eastern part of Malaysia, where weather conditions at this time are much better than in the west.

Diving Season

Diving - one of the most popular entertainmentfor tourists, of course, after a beach holiday. But in practice this interesting and exciting sport during the year you need to select specific areas of Malaysia. And only the May tour, you can not worry about it, since the awesome last month of spring lets explore the underwater world in the west and east of the country, almost all the local resorts.

The most popular among supporters of the island divingSipadan, which many relate the beauty and richness to the Galapagos Islands. Unfortunately diving and to the delight of environmentalists, scuba diving training center moved to the neighboring islands. And Sibadane a National Park. In order to go to an underwater journey to the shores of this island should be reserved by special permission.

The warm, washes ashore Sibadana,It promotes "concentration" in these locations a variety of animals, especially fish. Here you can admire the red mullet and tsezio, fish and fish-swallows-parrots. Diverse world of sea turtles that live in the waters, you can see the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle.

Furthermore, corals themselves attract experienceddivers can count up to 70 species of these beautiful inhabitants of the marine realm. You can endlessly admire the underwater rocks and walls decorated with millions of sponges and coral lace.

Photos vacation in Malaysia

  • Holidays in Malaysia in May
  • Holidays in Malaysia in May

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