Holidays in Malaysia in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in September in Malaysia

Holidays in Malaysia in September

Holidays in Malaysia in September

Weather conditions, which are established in Malaysia in September, can truly rejoice. If you wish to postpone the onset of autumn, the best solution is to stay in Malaysia in September.

Weather in Malaysia in September

Air in Kuala Lumpur warms up to +32degrees, Kuching - up to 31 degrees. By night air can cool to 22 + ... + 23 degrees. Thus, the heat will delight at any time of the day. You can enjoy a swim, as the sea warms up to 30 degrees. Agree, these conditions are the most favorable in order to enjoy your stay in the luxurious beaches!

In September, on the west coast is sethigh humidity, and often wind, rain and storms. If you want to enjoy the fine weather and the absence of strong winds and storms, calm sea, the best direction would be the east, it is here where rainfall is unlikely. Daring to undertake the journey to Borneo, be prepared for the fact that here begins the transition from dry season to rainy. In mountainous areas, often cloudy and the air is 8-10 degrees cooler.

Holidays and festivals in Malaysia in September

Cultural Activities in Malaysia in September can truly happy. So, what events attract tourists?

  • In mid-September (12 to 24) every yearhosts international competitions in fishing on the high seas. Due to competition, many tourists decide to spend their holidays in the small town of Rompin. Without a doubt, the ability to see competition anglers, who came not only from Malaysia but also from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, the USA, Great Britain, can not be overstated.
  • In September Malaysia Festival heldthe duration of two weeks. The main events take place in Kuala Lumpur, and participate in them all states of the state. 16 of all the inhabitants of the country celebrate Malaysia Day in commemoration of the establishment of the federation in 1963.
  • In September performed "Munkeyk" festival, which is celebrated Malaysian Chinese in memory of the victory over the Mongols in China during the reign of the Yuan dynasty.

In Malaysia, you can enjoy a beach holidayand visit the fascinating events, enjoying the rich cultural and leisure activities. Make personal experience is that September is ideal for traveling to Malaysia!

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  • Holidays in Malaysia in September
  • Holidays in Malaysia in September

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