Beaches in the Maldives: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in the Maldives

Beaches in Maldives

Beaches in Maldives

Holidays in the Maldives - a holiday in the tale. Pale blue lagoons and looming over them lush green palms, cool coral sand and the sun, the mysterious underwater world - this splendor will delight couples in love, families with young children, the lazy beach lovers and avid divers inactivity.

The climate in the Maldives can be called ideal forrest: during the year the temperature hardly fluctuates, the average value of - 27 ° C. In January may fall to 18 ° C, not above 32 ° C rise in May.

Indian Ocean islands in the area aboundsreefs, marine life so diverse: it clams and colorful fish, and stunning beauty of jellyfish. Perhaps only in the Maldives attraction is nature itself. On the islands there are over 200 diving spots, so to see all the eyes will be able to attend.

Tours to the Maldives is not available to everyone: the islands have the status of a respectable resort, so here you will not meet a large influx of tourists. The best beaches are located on the atolls of the Maldives:

1) Ari;
2) Baa;
3) Dhaalu;
4) Faafu;
5) South Male.

In Ari, you can see almost all the diversitywildlife of seas and oceans. At all the resorts there are conditions for water sports, organized excursions and fishing. Baa offers high-class service, comfortable retreat.

In the northern part of the island are open for Dhaalutourism, you can go diving. In the tourist center of the atoll Faafu there are bars and restaurants, spa, massage, swimming pool, a variety of board and action games, gym. South Male interested in marine reserves. From March to September surfers visit Kanduma island to ride on the waves.

On the atolls you can find a variety ofIsland: The Lost and little explored or well adapted and equipped for the reception. Among the 1,192 islands are so small that only one villa is placed on them. This option is ideal for lovers who want to spend time away from prying eyes.

As a rule, on every inhabited islandlocated in one hotel. Accommodation can occur not only in the hotel: you can stay bungalows that lie directly over the water on stilts. Sex in such houses can be glass with a thatched roof, so that you can enjoy fish, without leaving the room. By choosing this option, find out whether or not the storm: in this weather to get to the home uncomfortable and piles can sway in the wind.

Fabulous and romantic nature of the MaldivesIslands can not be described, it must be seen. The beaches of the Maldives, where you can bask in the sun while lying in a hammock, ocean beauty and enchanting sunsets even after the end of the vacation will be a long time to warm you in the memories.

Photos beaches of the Maldives

  • Beaches in Maldives

    Beaches in Maldives

  • Beaches in Maldives
  • Beaches in Maldives
  • Beaches in Maldives

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