Flag of the Maldives: photos, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Maldives

Flag of the Maldives

Flag of the Maldives

Maldivian National Flag of the Republic was approved as a symbol of the country in July 1965, when the country gained independence from Britain.

Description and proportions of the flag of the Maldives

The flag of Maldives flag representsa rectangle of bright red color. The length and width of the Maldives flag related to each other in a ratio of 3: 2. In the middle of a field of red flag caused a green rectangle, a remote at equal distances from the edges of the flag. The length and width of the rectangle are four and two distances to the brim with red cloth, respectively. In the middle of the green field is a white crescent, the horns of which are turned towards the free edges of the flag.
The red field of the flag of the Maldives - a tributethe heroes of the past and future of the country, which did not set and never put their own security is more important than the freedom of the motherland. They will not hesitate to give and give their lives for its prosperity and independence. The greens in the heart of Maldives flag associated with an infinite number of palm groves on the islands. These trees have always revered Maldivians as a source of well-being and food. The crescent on the flag of the Maldives recalls the main religion professed by the inhabitants of the country, Islam.
The national flag of Maldives decided to use on the water and land for all state ceremonies and civil needs.
Maldives flags depicted on the emblem of the country,which is an image of a coconut tree with a golden crescent and five-pointed star on its background. This serves as a reminder of Islamic values ​​and the importance of trees in the life of the islanders. On either side of the palm on the Maldives emblem shows two flag States emerging from a common base. White ribbon inscribed with the name of the country on it closes below the logo composition.

History of the Maldives flag

The first national flag was used on the islands until the twentieth century. It was a red flag, which looked great and it was noticeable on the background of blue sea surface.
Then the flag of the Maldives appeared crescentwhich brought representatives of the Ottoman Empire. Initially, his horns were directed towards the shaft, which is not recognized by the Byzantine standards. The newcomer from Constantinople character soon turned in the opposite direction, and the flag of the Maldives leech longer cover the white and black stripes.

Photo Maldives flag

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