Holidays in the Maldives in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in the Maldives in January

Holidays in the Maldives in January

Holidays in the Maldives in January

The Maldives are located nearthe equator in the Indian Ocean, but because here in understanding the Europeans simply do not have those seasons. There the rainy season, and there is a relatively dry season, while the average water temperature of + 24-26 degrees can say that summer lasts all year round. Therefore, if your holiday is in January, then we can celebrate the New Year and Christmas in a country of eternal summer. The best time to visit these places begins in November and lasts until March. Therefore rest in the Maldives in January - this is the best option that you can think of.

Sightseeing is not here, but because the peoplesent here to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach and swim in the sea. But this has to be careful, because even in January you can burn in bright sunlight. Rest in these places - it's sheer delight.

Diving in the Maldives in January

For lovers of diving winter monthJanuary - a true paradise. You can see the inhabitants of the kingdom of Neptune at a distance of 30 meters. On the west side of atolls more likely to meet the manta ray or whale shark.

  • If you are just starting to dive, it is better to make a dive in the middle of the atoll, and for those who are masterful in the sport, and it is possible to dive from the outside.
  • Very popular at this time of year are water safari - a walk on small boats Doni.
  • You can go on a dive safari. On a comfortable boat you will visit on several atolls, on a desert island barbecue, you will be trained to prepare sushi. You will a lot of other entertainment.
  • You can go on a trip to Male, where inspect the temples, Sultan Park with amazing tropical vegetation, visit the recreation center.

The luxurious restaurants serve the besta variety of dishes from around the world. You can practice yoga or water sports. The villas have a private terrace with sun loungers. Malé International Airport can be reached with some atoll by speedboat or half an hour on the plane, which serves domestic flights.

The staff speaks English andsome other European languages. The hotel offers massage parlors, you can visit the sauna, a variety of sports, rent bikes. On the territory of open souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for themselves and loved ones.

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  • Holidays in the Maldives in January

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