The flag of the Marshall Islands: photo, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of the Marshall Islands

The flag of the Marshall Islands

The flag of the Marshall Islands

Republic of the Marshall Islands National Flag was approved in May 1979.

Description and proportions of the flag of the Marshall Islands

The flag of the Marshall Islands hasclassic rectangular shape, adopted in most of the world powers. The length and width of the flag related to each other in a rather unusual proportions 19:10.
The main field of the Marshall Islands flag -light blue. From the lower left corner of the cloth out two "beam" a triangular shape in the opposite direction. The outer side of the upper beam light brown ends in the upper right corner of the flag. The base of the lower triangle of white color located at the free edge of the Marshall Islands flag. At the top left of the flag is white image of the star, which has 24 beam. Every sixth beam much longer than the previous five. The same applied to the star, and on the coat of arms of the state, which both seal the country.
The blue field of the flag of the Marshall IslandsIt symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, where the archipelago is located. The white bar indicates the desire for peace and understanding among all nations on the planet, and light brown - the courage of the people of the islands. In addition, the band are a symbolic representation of two chains of islands as part of the archipelago - Ratak and Ralik, which constitute a coherent whole, and on the map, and in life. The number of rays white star is the number of electoral districts in the territory of the Marshall Islands.
The flag of the Marshall Islands is allowed forthe use of private individuals, public authorities and non-governmental organizations for any purpose on land. At sea, the flag can be flown by private vessels and ships of state and commercial fleets.

History of the Marshall Islands flag

Before the advent of the modern flag of the Marshallarchipelago area enjoyed a UN panel of 1947 to 1965 and the flag of the Trust Territory of the United States from 1965 until 1979. The latter was a blue rectangle in the center of which were placed in a circle six equal five-pointed stars of white color. Having limited autonomy from the United States, under the tutelage of which country was the state has drafted its own flag. Its author was the first lady Emlain Cabo wife acting at that time President of the Marshall Islands.

Photo Marshall Islands flag

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