The capital of Martinique: map, photo. What is the capital of Martinique?

Fort-de-France - the capital of Martinique

Fort-de-France - the capital of Martinique

The capital of Martinique - this is not the capital in a familiarunderstanding, it is the administrative center of the French overseas territory. But the Fort-de-France - one of the biggest cities in France in the Caribbean.

And even the name of this city, Fort-de-France, it is clearsays its main functions. The first part of the name "odds" means fort, the main mission - the defense, it contributes to a convenient location between the sea and the hills, in the mouth of the river with a French name - Madame. Tourists say that on the island of Martinique good paved road, and they all lead to the so-called capital.

Green fairy tale

In tourist brochures can be foundbeautiful legend that the great explorer Christopher Columbus made maps of the Earth is richer for another island, as revealed Martinique. Seeing the amazing natural scenery, he named the area the most beautiful in the world. I agree with him thousands of tourists who arrive in this piece of paradise from different continents. In memory of visitors and in the photo are:

  • white, tender strips of beaches;
  • azure seas;
  • fishing on the high seas;
  • amazing mysterious world of underwater kingdom.

It is particularly pleasing travelers developed tourist service - there are hotels of different levels, gorgeous beaches, diving training centers, opportunities to practice different sports.

Indian attractions

once lived in these areas differentIndian tribes. Artifacts associated with their life, modern tourists are seen in the Museum of Archaeology, located, naturally, in the main town of the island. The exhibition on display everyday objects, which were used by the ancient inhabitants, wooden and stone tools. Submitted by ancient and contemporary art, including statues, decorated with engravings that were used in religious ceremonies. A small souvenir shop, working at the museum, will allow to stock up gifts for family and friends.

Flower heaven

Another wonderful place in the main townIsland - a park of flowers. Here you can find not only small flowering plants, and shrubs, and exotic palm trees, and even eucalyptus. It is interesting that you can not only enjoy the beauty of the flora of Martinique, but also to make purchases of farmers and fishermen in the production of flowers Park. There is also a shopping arcade, where you can buy souvenirs and unusual handicrafts.


  • Fort-de-France - the capital of Martinique
  • Fort-de-France - the capital of Martinique
  • Fort-de-France - the capital of Martinique

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