Mauritius Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Mauritius?

Port Louis - the capital of Mauritius

Port Louis - the capital of Mauritius

Some countries are on this planetso far away from the center of civilization that they can reach the most desperate tourists. For example, only a small number of modern travelers ready to tell your friends as the capital of Mauritius looks, a small island nation, belonging to Africa.

A small but interesting city

Most often, it is the impression onall guests of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius State. Tourist brochures give a description of the many interesting places in the capital, and the map will tell you how to get to them faster.

City welcome treats people of different faiths,it says at least the fact that among the architectural and cultural attractions there are many places of worship erected advocates of one or another religion. The most popular among tourists following facilities:

  • Jumma Mosque, made in white and green colors and is considered the city a celebrity;
  • Maesvarat temple where Hindus conduct ceremonies and Tamils;
  • Cathedral of St. James, the legacy of European travelers.

Most often, these architectural masterpieces of Mauritius capital are pictured tourists.

Attractions Port Louis the capital

Start inspection monuments of the city betterall from the central square. In the capital, Port Louis, it is a very interesting name - Plaza de Armas. Here is placed the most famous building - the Government House, the materials for its construction were the wood and cut stone.

However, tourists are allowed to enjoymagnificent architecture without the right to visit and inspection of the interiors. But around the Government House gardens are located, the decoration of which are marble sculptures. They are installed in honor of two great British - Queen Victoria and William Stevenson, who happened six years to serve as governor of the island.

Another sacred place of the city - the tombLaval, which is located in the north-east of the capital. Thousands of pilgrims visit every day seek the iconic point, touch the statue, because, according to local legend, it has healing powers.

Philatelists many countries dream to get inPort Louis is only due to the fact that here is the Postal Museum, which has a second name to match that of his most valuable item. Blue Penny ( «Blue Penny") is the most expensive brand in the world, every day this unique museum object is exposed to the public, however, only a few hours.


  • Port Louis - the capital of Mauritius
  • Port Louis - the capital of Mauritius
  • Port Louis - the capital of Mauritius

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