Holidays in Mauritius in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Mauritius in November

Holidays in Mauritius in November

Holidays in Mauritius in November

For many, Mauritius and luxury vacation - itsynonyms. Unlike other paradises, Mauritius is located at some distance from the mainland, so a large influx of tourists is rare here. This fact is appreciated by lovers of a relaxing holiday in a land of eternal summer.

Weather and vacation in Mauritius in November

No other month can not be compared with MauritiusNovember. Here is a real summer! The weather is hot. Up to 34 air and warms up to +25 - water. But heat is not exhausting, especially after dinner almost every day is a refreshing rain. Holidays in Mauritius in November is likely to appeal to Russians, who have an opportunity at the end of the rainy and cold autumn suddenly there in the summer.

In Mauritius in November - the best time forexcursions and water sports. Those who are interested in diving, especially lucky. At this time, the water temperature at the surface of the Indian Ocean is optimal for different underwater living creatures, and underwater visibility reaches 15-20 m.

At this time, the island is often a fresh breeze blowing, which causes a wave. This can not fail to attract surfers who are a year wait for the right moment to "ride" a wave.

November - is the opening of the season of fishing on Blackriver. Any tropical fish, up to the rather big barracudas, can fall prey to gambling fisherman. And on the island egrets always awaits its guests hunting lodge.

November in Mauritius - the most suitable month for tours. After the last rain becomes hot, and tourists go for one of the plurality of excursion routes.

Excursions in Mauritius

  • Very popular Crocodile Park La vanilla and park Caselle birds.
  • There is an amazing island in Mauritius Snake. Amazing because they live on it is not a snake, and sea birds.
  • flora lovers should not miss a trip to Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, which grows the tree of Buddha, which is already 200 years old. There is also the golden bamboo, rubber trees and spice plants.
  • The hike to Seven Falls - this test is notweak. We'll have to go through impassable jungle trails and climb mountains. But those who overcome the difficult route, waiting for bathing in the cool water in bowls waterfalls and kayaking skating.

November 1 for Mauritanians - a holiday, the Day ofSaints. And in November, held carnivals, fire shows, performances of folk ensembles performing Moorish dancing and music on folk instruments.

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Photos holiday in Mauritius

  • Holidays in Mauritius in November
  • Holidays in Mauritius in November

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