Moldova Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Moldova?

Chisinau - the capital of Moldova

Chisinau - the capital of Moldova

Lovely Chisinau, capital of Moldova, unfortunately,not become a tourist mecca for visitors. Although the city preserved many old buildings, narrow streets, reminiscent of the past. And one of the main city of the former Soviet republics retains its unique aura - he and diverse, and cosmopolitan.

National souvenirs

Description of require not a single page of text. Chisinau's most famous bazaar is located close to the National Theatre. It is here from all over Moldova come talented artisans to sell the masterpieces made by hand. It offers: weaving and embroidery; home textiles; articles made of wood; pottery and ceramics. In this market you can find paintings and icons, and antiques. Prudent traders significantly overestimate the price, many tourists know about it immediately begin to bargain, and usually much lower price.

The generosity of local cuisine

On it you can compose legends. Public catering in the capital are located on each corner and compete with each other. Most often it serves traditional Moldavian cuisine - fragrant sausages, stews and pies. The main thing is famous Moldova, of course, wine and brandy, and the tradition of viticulture and wine-making are preserved for decades.

Foreign tourists, without the card servicesYou can easily find in the main city of Moldova restaurants with international food. Especially developed network of Italian pizza, a French restaurant and exotic countries.

Chisinau Attractions

An architectural masterpiece is not much left ontourist photos, but the thrills are at the guests of the city from visiting the local museums and walks in the park. First of all, guests in a hurry to visit the Museum of Archaeology and History. The artifacts that are stored here, tell about the life of the Old Orhei, and the Second World War.

Another place in Chisinau, not suffering fromlack of visitors - the Pushkin Museum. Everyone knows that it is in Chisinau was exiled Russian genius. For three years he spent on this earth, he has written several works to conquer the world, including in the first part of the novel "Eugene Onegin" poem.


  • Chisinau - the capital of Moldova
  • Chisinau - the capital of Moldova
  • Chisinau - the capital of Moldova

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