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Tours to Chisinau

Tours to Chisinau

For the first time, the Moldovan capital was mentioned inwritten sources in the middle of the fifteenth century, and since then more connected with Chisinau and Russia, and its inhabitants. The city on the river Bull was born a great many musicians, actors, artists and composers, and tours in Chisinau in recent years, are gaining enormous popularity among Russian travelers. The reasons for this - an interesting moment, a bright past, reasonable prices and all the extraordinary hospitality of the locals. Few Roma in the soul, they more than anyone else to understand and welcome the wanderlust that lives in the heart of every true traveler.

History and geography

The capital of Moldova is spread over seven hills inBull River Valley, in the heart of the country. Within the city there are more than two dozen lakes, and numerous parks, which allows him to enter the lists of the greenest in Europe.
In the history of Chisinau had many wars and raids,destruction and rebirth. On his land claimed by the Ottoman tribes and the Crimean Tatars, the Turks robbed him and Bessarabian princes, and the economy is not just experienced a terrible shock and was in decline.
The modern capital of the Republic of Moldova - a city with a population rapidly approaching a million records and is one of the major cultural centers of Eastern Europe.

Briefly about the importance

  • International Airport, which takes participantstravel to Chisinau - the best in the opinion of authoritative sources among all CIS countries. It is located only ten kilometers from the city, and receives direct flights from Moscow. The flight between the two cities takes about two hours and get to the city center or at a special shuttle buses.
  • To move around the city as part of the tour will be in Chisinau trolleybuses, taxis or buses.
  • One of the most enjoyable tour components inChisinau - shopping. From the capital of Moldova, you can bring home textiles and ceramics, clothing, jewelry national embroidery and wickerwork articles. And in Chisinau sell excellent Moldovan wines that are better to buy in the shops belonging to the wineries.
  • Upscale restaurants or home dinnersfamily café - during the tour to Chisinau everyone chooses a nice format for him. Invariably there will be one stable - excellent quality of food served, regardless of the status of the institution.


  • Tours to Chisinau
  • Tours to Chisinau

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