Prices in Moldova - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Moldova

Prices in Moldova

Prices in Moldova

Prices are low in Moldova. The main article on the town will make the costs of living expenses. On average, for 1 night at the hotel, you pay 50-55 euros (3-star), although, if desired, can find shelter and cheaper.

Shopping in Moldova

On shopping in Moldova you can getproducts of local craftsmen, traditional drinks and foods, decorations, technical novelties, clothing and footwear brands. In Chisinau, you are waiting for boutiques, shopping centers (Shopping Malldova, SunCity, UNIC), souvenir shops. A wide range of souvenirs can be found at the Chisinau "Arbat" - a small area in the city center.

For tasty and healthy Moldovan honey (honeycombs, honey and nuts), it is best to go during the municipal and national holidays (at that time the local beekeepers carry their goods on the streets). However, honey can be purchased at the Chisinau markets.

In memory of the holiday in the Republic of Moldova should bring:

  • pottery decorated with originalornaments, clothing, tablecloths, curtains, embroidered, items made of wood (unique carving), carpet (synthetic, wool, jacquard), forged and vine products, costumes, rag dolls, figurines of white stork (symbol of the country), leather products (footwear, outerwear, handbags);
  • Moldovan wines, brandies, chocolates, honey.

In Moldova, you can buy chocolates from 4 euros / 1 kg, tablecloth decorated with hand-embroidered - for 30 euros, carpets - from 40 euros, Moldovan wines - from 8 euros.

Excursions and Entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Chisinau, you will see the building of 19-20 centuries, the Church of Nativity, visit the National Museum of Ethnography. This tour will cost you 30 euros.

Wine lovers should visit the wine cellars"Milestii Mici": a 1.5-hour tours cost 50 euros, you stroll through the wine cellars and taste the wines of different varieties (as snacks can taste the fruit, cookies and nuts). If you want to see the oldest monastic settlement in the Republic of Moldova, be sure to visit the Monastery of Saharna. Tour price depends on the number of participants. Thus, when a group of 1-3 people, you pay € 150 for 1 person and for a group of 7-15 people - 40 euros for 1 person (price includes transportation and guide service).


Public transport in the country - it istrolleybuses, buses and taxis. For travel by bus and taxi, you pay 0.25-0.3 euros, 1 trip on the bus will cost you 0,18-0,2 euro and a taxi - 2.5-5.5 euros (around the city) .

If you decide to rent a car, 1 day rentalIt will cost you a minimum of 30 euros / day. And, for example, rolled "Rendzhrovera" with a driver to take you to 130-150 euros / day. It's worth noting that the rental cars in the country charge a tax of 50-150 euros (the price depends on the model).

On vacation in Moldova, you will need about 75 euros per night for 1 person.


  • Prices in Moldova
  • Prices in Moldova
  • Prices in Moldova

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