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The Republic of Moldova has as mainunits of territorial division of municipalities. These areas of Moldova contain a commune, village and city, and, the latest being the administrative center of the district, called the city-residences. Statistics says that in all the country's 32 districts, 5 municipalities and 2 autonomous territorial entities.

The capital and other

Moldova called municipalities - iscapital Chisinau country, as well as Balti, Bender, Comrat and Tiraspol. The largest of them, the territorial formation - Chisinau, where more than 700 thousand people. In Balti and Bender has 127 thousand inhabitants and 90 respectively. Among the other most populous cities in the country - Ungheni, Straseni, Soroca, Orhei, Cahul, Nisporeni and Falesti. They are all towns residences of similar areas.

Familiar strangers

From the perspective of the traveler, many areas of Moldova are of great interest, but because of their visit is included in the itinerary:

  • In the town of Orhei remains of an ancient Geto-Dacian fortress of VI century BC with underground passages.
  • In Bendery, it's worth looking at the Bendery fortressOf the XVI century and the Transfiguration Cathedral, the construction of which marked the liberation of Bessarabia from Turkish rule. Visit Bender will require a special permit from the local border guards, as tourists will have to cross the Dniester security zone.
  • Cricova City as part of the Chisinau municipality - oneof the most popular points on the map of the country with fans of good wines. The local wine cellars - the largest in the Old World, and is the first sample of wine is stored here is dated 1902 year.
  • In the city of Kamenka in the territory of the PridnestrovianRepublic is well-known sanatorium complex "Nistru". The resort not only to cure many diseases, but also carried out the October annual symposium of artists Kam Art world level.
  • The resort town of Cahul in the homonymous provinceMoldova is famous for mineral water, based on open source which modern health resort. Water Cahul help patients with problems of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the skin and joints. Fans of history will enjoy an excursion to the local museum with unique archaeological exhibits in the exhibition halls.


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