Moldova River - pictures, list description

Moldova River

Moldova River

Moldova River form a sufficiently dense and extensive network. All the country's rivers flow to the shores of the Black Sea.

Turunchuk River

Turunchik - one of the branches of the Dniester. Geographically, the river is located on the territory of Moldova and Ukraine. The maximum channel width - thirty meters at a depth of six meters.

As sleeve River was formed in the period from 1780 to1785. Branch begins not far from the village Chobruchi (146 kilometer course of the Dniester). Returns Turunchik in the "parent" of the Dniester Belyaevka around the city (20 km downstream).

Turunchuk - one of the venues for fishing competitions.

River Prut

The bed of the river passes through the territory of three countries - Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. It is a left tributary of the Danube, with a total length of 953 kilometers. The source of the river - the Eastern Carpathians (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Prut - the country's second longest river. In its upper reaches of the Prut - a typical mountain river, and just getting to the territory of Moldova, Rod calms down, turning into the classic lowland river with a wide valley and low shores. The bed of the Prut quite tortuous and in some places is divided into sleeves. The lower part of the river flood plains heavily waterlogged.

Reut River

Reut - one of the rivers of Moldova, is a righta tributary of the Dniester. The total length of the course - 286 kilometers. The source of the river is located near the village of Red-Mare (donduşeni district). Initially, for a south-east direction, after two changes of direction Reut water flows into the Dniester River (mouth of the village).

In the district of Floresti and Căzăneşti, Teleneşti riverbed passes through narrow and deep gorges formed in limestone rocks. The river is very dirty, so are only used for irrigation.

River Alkaliya

Mostly for the length of the river - only 67kilometers - passes through the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. Place confluence - Lake Burnas. Valley of the river strongly excised beams and natural ravines. Riverbed, up to eight meters wide, moderately tortuous. River water is used for irrigation.

The source of the river - one of the ponds of Moldova. Riverbed geographically lies in the territory of two districts - Tatarbunar and Belgorod-Dniester (Odessa region).

River Hadjider

Hadjider geographically belongs to twostates - Ukraine and Moldova. The total channel length - 94 km. The source of the river is located in the Podolsk Upland (near the town of Stefan Voda). It then passes through the lands of three areas: Belgorod-Dniester; Saratov; Tatarbunar.

Place confluence - Hadjider water lake. The river itself takes the water fifty-seven small rivers. And the greatest of all is Kaplan, forming the confluence with Hadjider small reservoir.


  • Moldova River
  • Moldova River
  • Moldova River

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