Streets Bender - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Bendery

Bender Streets

Bender Streets

Perhaps around the Transnistrian region is notmeet settlement with a unique history, like Bender. The first settlement appeared here back in the III century BC. e. and later it began to grow and became a part of the Old Russian state. The last 6 centuries Bender fate changed dramatically. City several times passed from hand to hand, one after being a part of the Principality of Moldavia, Romania, Turkey, Russia, and later Moldova, Bender so that the streets have retained the imprint of all the significant events of each of these states. Today, Bender is one of the largest cities of the unrecognized Transnistria, which began with the formation of a new page in the history of the city.

Bender - familiarity with the city

According to experienced travelers,tourism infrastructure in the city at the moment is not at the highest level, so it is best to explore the city on your own. To simplify your task, it is desirable to create for itself a special list of places from which to start and trip.

Lenin street

The central street of the city. Green, quiet and well appointed, and therefore is a favorite tourist destination. Where you can make beautiful photos, as well as explore the beautiful sights. Throughout the streets are cozy cafes, so it's good to relax after a tiring walk is not a problem.

Suvorov Street

It is known that the most renamed -5 times. Take a walk on the street Suvorova, you can clearly see how the city lived in different eras, so familiarity with it will be very helpful for tourists who wish to explore further the history of the city.

Street Lazo

Not so attractive to tourists as the twoprevious ones, but it can also be interesting for experienced travelers, since there are still preserved unique architectural monuments. It is also useful to tourists include it in your itinerary because Lazo street is the final destination of many routes of public transport, so here without any problems, you can go to any corner of Bender.

Quay street

Once upon a time this place was very lively,as a major transport hub located on the waterfront. It started pleasure boats, so from the tourists there was no release. But the recent war have a negative impact on the state of the waterfront, from which in many places in ruins. However, the recovery is in full swing, so if you do not happen to new troubles, soon this area Bender again blossom in all its glory.

Photos Bender streets

  • Bender Streets
  • Bender Streets
  • Bender Streets

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