Monaco Beaches: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Monaco

Beaches in Monaco

Beaches in Monaco

The small principality of Monaco, in the first placefamous for its nightlife, central to which is occupied by gambling, and, of course, the casino of Monte Carlo. But in Monte Carlo there is a beach called Larvotto. And it's only available for general visiting the beach in Monaco, divided by a series of toll areas, consisting in various cafes, and free, where you can roll up with his litter and sunbathe in the community of those who are used to treat money carefully. Here, surprisingly, not too few such people who want to have free access to the best sandy beaches of Monaco. On the Larvotto beaches, you can enjoy the showers, toilets, visit various restaurants and cafés, to stay for a few days in hotels. And, of course, there is always a possibility to taste excellent dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

The climate in Monaco - always warm. Minimum winter temperature is about 15 ° C. Summer temperatures - above 30 ° C.

On the beach, women were allowed to rest without the topclothes and even topless. Sometimes you can meet girls without clothes, but in diamonds. It is the local representative of the "golden youth". At the same time there is a quiet sector, which are free to relax mom with toddler who only make their first steps. The fall in the soft sand for such crumbs will not be dangerous. The main thing is just to choose a time of day that the sand was not hot, and then it will not be dangerous for sensitive baby skin.

Larvotto is artificial and not a naturalbeach, white sand but is brought here punctually. Terrific itself the Principality of Monaco, and its beaches are amazing, and so it is important that this beauty created by human labor. What else is very nice because it is stretched along the beach from the jellyfish net. Transparent sea inhabitant will not pester holidaymakers tickling or even burns the lungs (despite what the jellyfish will fall), as will not be able to swim in the waters. And the very same marine fauna will remain intact resting on the beach rebyatnёy.

However, if you are bored of Monaco beaches, nobody will prevent you to move to other beaches of the Côte d'Azur, unless, of course, it will allow visa.

Close to the Larvotto has some of the most beautiful beaches, stretching from Monaco to France. It:

  1. Saint-Tropez.
  2. Antibes.
  3. Golfe-Juan
  4. Saint-Raphael.
  5. Dame Island beach.
  6. Elephant.

These beaches have all the conditions to do windsurfing or risk flying with a paraglider for towing a boat. So here they will find their entertainment lovers movable holiday on the beach.

Photos Monaco beaches

  • Beaches in Monaco
  • Beaches in Monaco
  • Beaches in Monaco

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