Monaco Flag photo, history, meaning of colors of the state flag of Monaco

Flag of Monaco

Flag of Monaco

State symbols of the Principality of Monaco along with its anthem and the coat of arms is a State flag of the country officially adopted April 4, 1881.

Description and proportions of the flag of Monaco

Rectangular panel with aspect ratio 4:5 and two equivalent horizontal stripes of red and white flowers - it is the official state flag of Monaco. The white bar at the bottom of the flag red forms the upper part.
The government flag of the Principality of Monaco - iswhite cloth, which is depicted in the center of the full coat of arms of the country. This flag is made to use not only in the state and government agencies, but also in the palace of the Prince of Monaco and his yacht as stengovogo.
Coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco, woven on hisgovernment flag is the shield parameter separated in the red and white diamonds. It is framed by a chain of the country's highest state award - the Order of St. Charles, which is awarded in recognition of special merits before the state or Prince of Monaco. Shield keep armed monks, reminiscent of the conquest of the country by soldiers Grimaldi, who were dressed in robes. Monks are based on a tape with the motto "With God's help," and the background for them and serves as a shield ermine gown with dark red top. Crowned coat of arms on the flag of Monaco princely crown with precious stones.

The history of the flag of Monaco

Monaco flag was adopted asstate during the reign of the Principality of Charles III. This man is known for a number of reforms, which he spent in the country's economy. During his reign in Monte Carlo's famous Casino it was founded.
The white and red colors of the flag of Monaco belong tocolors kind of Grimaldi, one of whose branches and manages the principality. Grimaldi ruled in the XIV century the Republic of Genoa, and trace their ancestry back more of the XI century.
Monaco Flags have always been made in red and whitescheme and were of cloth, woven with white and red diamond since the time of the appearance on the throne of the first representatives of Grimaldi in the XIV veke.Prisoedinenie the Principality of Monaco at the end of the XVIII century in France is not too affected the traditions of the country, and in 1814 returned to the Grimaldi throne. At this time in the country there is the current version of the flag, approved officially after almost seventy years.
The protest of the Principality of Monaco on the identityown flag with the flag of Indonesia, adopted in 1945, was rejected on the grounds of the ancient origin of the official symbol of the state in Southeast Asia.

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