Kitchen Monaco photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Monaco

Monaco Kitchen

Monaco Kitchen

Kitchen Monaco - kitchen, has undergone the influence of French and Italian cooking.

Ethnic cuisine Monaco

Kitchen Monegasques based on fish dishes,vegetables, fruits and seafood. From fish dishes highlighted "bouillabaisse" - a dish, which is a soup of red mullet, gurnard and scorpion fish with the addition of shrimp, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, spices (cumin, saffron, sage), and to pour in the white wine at the end of cooking (to " Bouillabaisse "served sauce" Rui "- it is usually spread on bread).

Resting in the Principality, be sure totry a sandwich "Banya" (main ingredients: anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, capers, lettuce, tomato slices iolivki and olive oil acts as a filling). Another common snack in Monaco - fried tortillas (they are eaten as a separate dish, and a bit of sugar with the main course), for example, the "bomb" (bread with olives, onions and bacon) or "panini" (bread, pre-fried, with ham ).

Popular dishes Monaco cuisine:

  • "Pissalader" (pie with the addition of anchovies, onions and olives);
  • "Anshuad" (anchovies with olive oil and capers);
  • "Supon" (a dish of cuttlefish or squid, fried in deep fat);
  • "Lepe pack e" (loaf, which includes mutton tripe, served with a spicy sauce);
  • "Porchetta" (a dish of stuffed with garlic, onions and aromatic herbs suckling pig).

Where to try the national cuisine?

The Principality of Monaco will meet travelersrestaurants, which represent a mix of regional Mediterranean cuisine. Here they will have the opportunity to visit, as the road is truly a luxury restaurant and restaurant with a homely atmosphere.

In Monte Carlo should look at "Le Vistamar"(Guests are offered to eat rare delicacies as barbecue shrimp and vegetables with spices and stuffed seahorses), "Le Saint Benoit" (here seafood by all sorts of sauces, foie gras, sea bass, roasted on the grill) or "Restaurant Joel Robuchon "(try the specialty of the house - steak of lamb and mashed potatoes, caramelized quail with truffle sauce of).

Cooking classes in Monaco

Those interested can visit the culinary coursesrestaurant "L'Orange", opened at the hotel "Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort": after the introductory lecture he offered to move to practical training, where they will learn to cook one dish from the restaurant menu and carry out its original serving. And at the end, "students" will be served this dish with a suitable wine to it.

Visit Monaco is to conduct podgadatRussian-French gastronomic seasons (winter season - February, the summer season - June), which will be present to meet interesting gastronomic creations fashionable Monaco and Russian chefs.


  • Monaco Kitchen
  • Monaco Kitchen
  • Monaco Kitchen

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