Taxis in Monaco - price, order. How much is a taxi in Monaco

Taxis in Monaco

Taxis in Monaco

Taxis in Monaco - it's about 90 cars, butit should be borne in mind that not all of them work at the same time, so there is a risk to face a shortage of available machines, especially in the summer months and periods when the state are held celebrations in honor of significant events.

Taxi services in Monaco

Stop taxis can flick of the wrist, but bettergo for a free car on one of the sites equipped with a number of popular places of the city. It is worth noting that during the night the most available machines can be found by going to the central taxi rank - it is the right of the Casino, next to the boutique VanCleef & Arpels.

Make a call to supply cars can,turning into one call center (almost all operators speak not only French but also in English): 93 50 56 28 93 15 January 01. It should be borne in mind that during the high season in the summer, with a dial-up to this service problems may arise (telephone line is often overloaded). Call a cab can be turned to the help of the hotel receptionist where you left off - in gratitude it is advisable to leave a little tip.

And you can hire the services of a taxiCompany "TaxiMonaco" (+ 33 4 8358 0894) - if you book a taxi in advance, you will be met in the arrivals hall and take you to the right address (in the machines has Wi-Fi, and pay the fare, you can not only cash, but also MasterCard and Visa) . Tip: If you enjoy the service of a particular driver, since it is possible to exchange phone numbers, in case of need to ask him for help and no problem to get to the right place.

Air taxi in Monaco

Travel between cities and makesightseeing flight over the coast as possible, using the services of air taxi - helicopter. The trip, for example, from Nice to Monaco by helicopter will cost about 120 euros.

The cost of a taxi in Monaco

"How much is a taxi in Monaco?" - A question that interests all the rest in this city. Finding your way in the prices will acquaintance with the current tariff system:

  • the cost of 1 km of track in the afternoon - 1.2 euros at night - 1.5 euros;
  • lowest fare - 10 Euros.

Important: Because the machine is not equipped with meters, it is advisable to negotiate the price before boarding.

On average, a trip to Monaco is 12-20 euro, and from Nice airport to Monaco - 60-90 euros.

Who can rent a car withdriver (in equipment has wireless internet) - the cost of the service in Monaco starts from 110 euro / 1 hour or not (in this case, you pay about 60 euro / day).

Taxis in Monaco is quite expensive, but if you are used to quickly and comfortably get to your desired destination, this type of transport - what you need.

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  • Taxis in Monaco

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