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Tours in Monaco

Tours in Monaco

Only two square kilometers it takesstate, but, despite his undistinguished size of Monaco I have not heard just lazy. The fame brought him the principality's famous casino in Monte Carlo and regularly conducted stage Formula 1 here. And in a small country is the real Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera, but because tours in Monaco travelers are choosing, which is synonymous with a good holiday rich in every sense of the cultural component.

History and geography

Small Monaco is located on the Mediterranean Seaand bordered on all sides with the French territory. The official language is French, too. The history of the principality began in the XIII century, when this land was built a fortress and founded a colony of the Republic of Genoa. Independence from her principality acquired less than a hundred years, and later used the protectorate of France to protect against various attacks on their sovereignty.
The indigenous people and the citizens of Monaco are calledMonegasques. Participants tours in Monaco will be interested to know that Monegasques are totally exempt from taxes and have the right, in contrast to the others, to live in the old town area. Get Monaco citizenship is not just difficult, almost impossible, and because population growth is less than half percent.

Briefly about the importance

  • Weather in the Principality provides subtropicalMediterranean climate. If Monaco will tour in the summer, it should be remembered that the temperature at this time can be up to 30, and the rainfall is extremely rare. Winter in the Principality of soft thermometer hardly drops below 10, it snows very rarely, but mostly it rains.
  • In order to go on tour in Monaco, easierjust buy tickets to Nice. From this French airport in Monaco can be reached by bus: in dwarf principality there are more than 140 bus stops!
  • The train station, which comes high-speed trains from France and other countries, is under the ground, as are the railway tracks.

Jacques Cousteau and his museum

Pride principality - is its OceanographicMuseum, which is visited by all participants tours in Monaco. Its director for many years was an outstanding scientist and explorer Jacques Cousteau. The exhibition samples collected models of ships and naval weapons, tools and devices. The collection of marine fauna talks about the variety of species found in the Ligurian Sea, and around the Mediterranean basin.


  • Tours in Monaco
  • Tours in Monaco

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