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Tours in Monte Carlo

Tours in Monte Carlo

Each country has its own capital, even if theof the area of ​​the state barely passed for two square kilometers. That and the Principality of Monaco was no exception, and the name of its main town leads to a special thrill of the two categories of citizens - passionate roulette players and not less hardy fans racing Formula 1. Monte Carlo is located in the heart of a dwarf principality on the Mediterranean coast and occupies a good third of the entire country. Tours in Monte Carlo - a great way to pull a fortune by the tail and make sure that good will always be a lot.

Casino as an economic engine

Monaco's economy is going through the middle of the XIX centurysevere recession and Prince Charles III decided on the unprecedented step in order to save the country's reputation. He opened the casino, which has become a symbol of Monte-Carlo, the title, by the way, after the reformer prince. The opening of the gambling house, and soon concluded a customs union with France played a role, wishing to try their luck pouring on the Cote d'Azur, and the economic development of the state significantly dwarf stepped forward.

Briefly about the importance

  • The climate is subtropical Monte Carlo, but becauseSummer is dry and hot. In the winter rains and the thermometer does not fall below 12 degrees. Most precipitation participants tours in Monte-Carlo is guaranteed from October to April, but because the late spring and early autumn - the best time for comfortable travel and sightseeing.
  • To get to the Monegasque capital by bus from Nice or any other town. Tickets cost just euro, whatever the number of kilometers separating the city.
  • Despite its small size, Monte Carlo boasts also beautiful beaches, the bathing season which begins with the arrival of summer. In high season the water warms up to +25.
  • In addition to racing the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 hereYou can become a participant and a spectator at least colorful show. Timed round in Monte Carlo at the end of the summer get the chance to admire the fireworks during the traditional festival. Arriving in the country in January Monegasques, guests find themselves in the circus performances at the International Festival magicians arena.
  • Hotels in Monte-Carlo, for obviousreasons a little. And all of them are architectural monuments, even for one night which will have to pay a fortune. Stop is better in Nice or other resorts in the Cote d'Azur, and tours to Monte Carlo to make excursion and sightseeing.


  • Tours in Monte Carlo
  • Tours in Monte Carlo

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