The currency in Mongolia, exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Mongolia?

Currency in Mongolia

Currency in Mongolia

If not everyone is able to answer anycurrency in Mongolia, then at least its name is known to almost everyone - Tugrik. It is mentioned in a variety of movies and songs. So money Mongolia known us at least from hearsay.
Formally, there is a small change in Mongolia - Mungu, but they are not used in common usage today.

Something from history

MNT were put into use in 1925 afterthe people's democratic revolution in the country. Print, and they were struck in Leningrad Mint. Interestingly, the small change money - Mungu, who make up 1/100 Tug, issued in banknotes of 10, 20 and 50.
In Mongolia, it was held a number of financial reforms,however, legally Tugrik of 1925 and is currently in vogue. In fact, old coins and banknotes seized, including paper "bargaining chip", as well as denominations of 1, 5 and MNT.

Is it better to carry with them

In occasion of what currency to take to Mongolia,There is one answer: the US dollar. They are the easiest way to change the local currency. Although, it should be noted that even with the euro and the Russian ruble have any particular problems either. But between the people in the know say that the most favorable rate - namely the American money. However, those who went to the country, they know that the currency exchange in Mongolia - it is quite twisty, well, or not so simple as, for example, in Russia. First, outside the major cities is extremely difficult, and secondly - the conversion deal is not all banking institutions, but only those who have a special accreditation. Exchange offices exist in addition to the banks, in some very large metropolitan hotels and supermarkets.
Note that the foreign currency, including Russian rubles often take in the shops and markets - is only relative bargain rate.


Like almost all other countries, the import of currencyMongolia is limited to two thousand dollars. For other currencies threshold is set in relation to "green" at the official rate Mongolbank.
Of course, no restrictions on the importmoney "in the form of a" credit card does not exist. However, it should take into account that the use of plastic cards in Mongolia is not so simple, as we have. Cashless payments are virtually impossible outside the big cities, and even in the capital Ulan Bator take them too far from everywhere. Although, of course, any more or less a large hotel, a restaurant or supermarket no problems you will not have.


  • Currency in Mongolia
  • Currency in Mongolia
  • Currency in Mongolia

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