Kitchen Mongolia: photo, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine of Mongolia

Kitchen Mongolia

Kitchen Mongolia

Kitchen Mongolia - a dish, no different sophistication: they fat and nutrients, which is caused by local natural and climatic conditions.

National cuisine of Mongolia

In Mongolia, the most popular product ismeat (beef, saiga antelope, yak, horse meat) - it is felled, boiled in the pot, dried, baked in the ashes between the 2 pans. It should be noted that usually the meat cook a little longer in order to preserve the vitamins in it and prepares it with almost no salt.

Herbal products are little used incooking and usually it is rice and legumes, in particular peas. For flavor and color when cooking dishes are complemented by wild berries - cherry, rowan, rose hip and spices in a steppe grass, cinnamon, star anise, black pepper and Japanese. Worth noting is the Mongolian dish as a foam, preparing milk - they are dried and eaten with tea.

Popular dishes of Mongolian cuisine:

  • "Khashuri" (large patty, fried in oil);
  • "Bahan" (a dish of goat, which are baked right into the skin);
  • "Tsuyvan" (a dish of noodles, steamed, then fried with vegetables and meat);
  • "Harshul" (broth based on lamb and offal cooked with onions and meat, chopped into small pieces);
  • "Buzy" (dumplings that are boiled for a couple);
  • "Moychotoytibgen" (mass of saran root digested in milk, honey and sugar).

Where to try the Mongolian cuisine?

The restaurants menu is reflected in MongoliaMongolian and English, but in any case, the choice of food should not be difficult, since the menu has photos of many institutions dishes. Tip: do not go into the first restaurant food - often in small cafes and restaurants represented a true Mongolian cuisine, which is not for everyone stomach. It makes sense to look at the places where foreigners prefer to go - there Mongolian dishes adapted to the Europeans.

In Ulan Bator you can eat in the "Modern Nomads"(Restaurant specializes in meat dishes of Mongolian cuisine, in addition, there is a children's menu and a pleasant musical accompaniment), "Kaiser" (in addition to Mongolian cuisine, the restaurant offers a sample vegetarian and European cuisine) and "Silk Road" (guests are offered here to try the Mongolian dishes if desired, and steaks, as well as enjoy the view of the temple-museum Choyzhin Lama).

Cooking classes in Mongolia

As part of a gastronomic tour to Mongolia youget acquainted with the life of the steppe nomads - you will go on a fishing trip and taste of the catch caught. And if you want you can visit the master class, followed by the preparation and tasting of traditional dishes in a restaurant in Ulaanbaatar.

In Mongolia, you can arrive at the Nadam Festival (July), to attend the horse races and sporting events, as well as sample Mongolian dishes, which you will find in retail outlets.


  • Kitchen Mongolia
  • Kitchen Mongolia
  • Kitchen Mongolia

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