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Tourism in Mongolia

Tourism in Mongolia

Even for many seasoned travelers, past mountainsand deserts, seas and oceans, Mongolia is a kind of mystery. Some travelers said that in cognitive terms are not so many interesting places, nature and poor service in its infancy.

It will be a great mistake to assume that tourism inMongolia is in its infancy. Of course, to recreation and entertainment giants, such as China located next to this small country far away, but also bright and unforgettable impressions every brave traveler will be provided. And, besides, eternal blue sky high will be a reliable companion in search of the Mongolian attractions and beauties.

Mongolian exotic

The first thing that may surprise Mongolia, organizationplaces for tourists. Hotels in the usual European or American sense is there only in the capital and the individual more or less large cities. But the tourist an opportunity to feel like a real nomad, as have live in the famous Mongolian yurts.

Natural landscapes - this is the second time thatIt is battling the country's guest, who believed that in addition to the steppes and deserts there was nothing he could not see. However, in Mongolia, but a great and mysterious Gobi Desert, there are many other wonderful places, including the steppes, mountains, taiga and the lake.

Ecological tourism

Mongolia is prepared for nature loversnational parks, and tourist infrastructure at a high level. Guests naturalists are: extensive excursion programs; presentation of rare species of animals and plants; camping, providing comfortable living conditions; a well-developed network of roads.

With an after visiting any of the parks visitors will take away all of vivid memories, as well as their physical media - photos, souvenirs, gifts.

These tourists

Fans of active pastime in Mongolia will find plenty of tempting offers from the usual trips to the mountains rather exotic entertainment.

Almost always clear, sunny weathermagnificent nature could not be better suited for hiking, which can last from a few hours to a week. Moreover, tourists can also enjoy the steppe and mountain scenery, admire the beauty of the local lakes or small rivers.

Horse tours - also play an important role inMongolia tourism business, only to find out what the tourist is ammunition will be presented - the usual European or traditional Mongolian. Many guests choose a more familiar country tours on bicycles, motorcycles or cars.


  • Tourism in Mongolia
  • Tourism in Mongolia
  • Tourism in Mongolia

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