Resorts in Mongolia: a photo, a description of

Resorts Mongolia

Resorts Mongolia

A huge country with amazing naturallandscapes, where horses still ten times more than their owners, and the main type of accommodation - a traditional yurt, Mongolia is not too popular with tourists. It is considered that there is nothing to do, the more that the comfortable hotels and restaurants with menus adapted for stomach European steppe in the afternoon with fire will not find. In fact, the resorts of Mongolia, in the usual sense of the word, if they exist, it is only in the project, and tours to this amazing country pursue somewhat different than passive recreation, goals.

What to choose for the soul?

Tour to Mongolia buys people looking,creative, accustomed to open up new areas and meet amazing people. Even in the absence of traditional spas, Mongolia is able to give a lot of experience to those who dared to put on a green felt boundless steppe spring:

  • Tours on the routes of nomads will help to know the country and enjoy its spectacular natural beauty.
  • mountain climbing fans have a chance todemonstrate their skills during trips to the Altai. At its highest peaks one can see not only the Mongolian steppe, and flowering valleys in the Russian and Chinese territories.
  • Fishers and their sympathizers Mongolian colleagues willingly invited to lakes and rivers, where the bite so that captures the spirit.
  • Excursion program for history fans, includes a visit to the ancient city of Karakorum and visit the monastery of Erdene Zuu, founded during the Uighur khanate.

On the slopes of the Mongolian

Yet a true resort in Mongoliathere and every year its popularity in certain circles, increases many times. Sky Resort is a modern, technically equipped with a ski base, where everything is constructed and arranged in accordance with the highest international standards.
Season Sky Resort on the slopes begins in November,and until mid-April on the slopes holds steady snow cover, the quality of which provides, in the case of the vagaries of the weather, the equipment of the Italian company. TechnoAlpin cooperates with all the organizers of the Winter Olympics in recent decades.
Prices for ski passes in the ski resort of Mongoliamore than democratic. In the season 2014-2015, one could buy six climbs up the mountain for just $ 15. Just leave a good impression and tracks Sky Resort. A total of six, and you need to find yourself a degree of complexity and a beginner and a professional athlete.


  • Resorts Mongolia
  • Resorts Mongolia

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