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Traditions Mongolia

Traditions Mongolia

The huge territory and little information about the life,life and traditions of Mongolia make this state a mysterious and entertaining for a large number of travelers who know a lot about the pleasures of travel. Go on a tour to Mongolia, then to discover the homeland of Genghis Khan, to catch wind of freedom in the vast steppes and forever love mare, which gives strength and vivacity of spirit tireless nomad.

Time to collect stones

One of the ancient traditions of Mongolia - pickingstones and the construction of these special structures called "ovo". Folded in a pile of stones mark the sacred places or important events in people's lives. Near ovo can not make noise or even talking is prohibited campfires and even more so to destroy the sacred pyramids.
The rest of the Mongols - very friendly andwelcoming. They have made a guest is not just aid, but also a real honor and respect. The weary traveler will always find shelter in a Mongolian yurt and will receive accommodation and food, it will entertain interesting conversation and offer the best that there is in a poor family. Rewards for the hospitality traditions of Mongolia does not provide any help because it offers a pure heart.

Nomadic people

History of the Mongol tribes - a historynomads. The inhabitants of the country for centuries engaged in cattle breeding and constantly moved from place to place in search of new pastures. For the convenience of their homes have a special design and can be easily disassembled and re-built in a matter of minutes. The Mongolian yurt is called "ger" and rules of behavior it may seem a little complicated is not dedicated to the tradition of a man of Mongolia.
Even modern Mongolians prefer theirnomadic dwellings in any other, and yurts can be widely seen not only in the desert, but also in the capital. Houses made of felt are divided into male and female halves, and persons of the opposite sex should not cross the border, "foreign territory". Taking food, it is important to use the right-hand rule, because the left is considered unclean among local residents.

Useful things

  • Mongolia is a sacred fire in the hearth. On the fire can not pour water or touch the flames with a knife. The fire did not throw any objects and do not burn it in the trash or old clothes.
  • On the threshold of the yurt should not attack, as well as sit or stand on it.
  • Took a seat at the table will have the home owner as instructed, and brought gifts should be presented, not all at once, but throughout the meeting in turn.


  • Traditions Mongolia
  • Traditions Mongolia
  • Traditions Mongolia

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