A trip to Mongolia

A trip to Mongolia

A trip to Mongolia

Mongolians are very hospitable people. And a trip to Mongolia remembered your traditional meat dishes, embroidered traditional dress and sweet-smelling smoke relaxing evening

Public transport

Public transport in the country are trolleybuses and buses. But regular traffic in the city. Buses that go on schedule, there are only a few large cities.

The cheapest option around the city -trolley, but they are only in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and Darkhan city. In the capital, there are three branches trolley. Be prepared for the fact that the trams it is high time to write off, but they still continue to carry passengers.

Trolleybus capital attractionIt can be called an unusual hybrid trolleybus and bus - dual-mode bus. This is a joint work of the Mongolian and Russian designers. It is noteworthy that this vehicle is equipped with two engines: electric and gasoline.

There are in the country and taxis. And exactly the same tariffs for official cars, and private cabs.

Terribly uncomfortable, but still exists inMongolia transport - bus. Small vans designed to carry no more than 12 passengers, sometimes for up to 20 people. Communication between the villages and take the shuttle bus. The driver sends the car after filling the cabin. They go regularly, and sometimes have to wait a minibus for several days.

Railway transport

The total length of the rail - 2 000 km. In total there are two main operating line. With Russia country highway connects Choibalsan-Borzoi.


A total of 80 of the country of airport facilities and 1 platform for landing helicopters. If necessary, on the plane, you can reach any region of the country.

The international airport is located 20 kilometers from the capital. It receives and sends out all international flights.

Water transport

This option is moving the country completelynot suitable for tourist purposes, as shipping is available exclusively on the lake Hubsugle. Orkhon and Selenga - major rivers of the country - are navigable, but hardly used.

Rental car

Take the car on the labor hire will not be, buta journey to become a waking nightmare. After all, the country roads are in terrible condition. The length of the road is only 50 000 kilometers. They are divided into public (more or less decent) and regional. Trails with a hard surface can only be found around major cities. At the same signs and road signs are completely absent. That's why rent a car with the best driver.

Exotic travel around the country will add trips on horseback, camels and yaks, if you suddenly decide to visit godforsaken corners of the country.


  • A trip to Mongolia
  • A trip to Mongolia

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