Bus tours in Montenegro. The cost of bus tours through Montenegro 2016

Bus tours in Montenegro

Bus tours in Montenegro

Summer vacation in Montenegro is considered, if notthe best option a holiday, it certainly claims to be one of the best. In Montenegro, you can spend a few unforgettable weeks, basking in the rays of the sun and splashing in the welcoming waves. Bus tours in Montenegro provide an opportunity not only to relax at the resorts, recognized among the best in the world, but also enjoy the beauty of nature and hospitality of the local inhabitants.

Features holiday in Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro and is suitable for those who wantspend some unforgettable days in the other country, and those who want to go for a long time to get acquainted with the Montenegrin culture. Due to the abundance of options for duration and content of tours you can spend there a month, and only one weekend, focusing on their own preferences and financial capabilities.

Montenegro will show you how much can be varied holiday. Here tourists have it all:

  • Beach Resorts with modern infrastructure and high level of service.
  • Ski resorts for lovers of extreme sports.
  • Suggestions for fans of windsurfing and other water sports.
  • Entertainment for children and much more.

Tourism in Montenegro is carried out all year round,because the proposals are to be found, regardless of the season. It is noteworthy also that you do not have to spend a large amount of funds for the organization of excursions and trips, as all of this tour operator will take care in advance. Bus tours in Montenegro are low cost despite the fact that a variety of recreation options and a great pastime here.

Requirements for tourists and travel conditions

The average cost of travel to Montenegro400-500 euros, but this amount does not include the cost of optional excursions. If you want to get the impression of an unplanned excursion, be prepared for the fact that you have to pay for it separately. This amount includes the cost of transfer, guide services, recreation on the coast, and some tours that will be listed in your tour program. Separately offers to pay a visa, without which entry to the territory of Montenegro is not possible, as well as health insurance - a prerequisite of any trip abroad.

Visit magical Montenegro should be mandatory, if you - a passionate fan of the summer holidays on the best European beaches.

Photos of bus tours in Montenegro

  • Bus tours in Montenegro

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