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Education in Montenegro

Education in Montenegro

Montenegro - attractive destination for recreation, treatment and education: it is the picturesque resort center, which is famous for its clean air and water, protected areas, and treatment centers.

What are the advantages of education in Montenegro?

  • The ability to get a quality European education;
  • Availability of improved teaching methods;
  • Affordable tuition fees;
  • Montenegrin diploma - Diploma of the European sample, which is recognized in all EU countries.

Higher education in Montenegro

For admission to the University of Montenegro, to get a high school diploma and pass the entrance exam (to pass them, you need a good command of the Montenegrin language).

Montenegrin language is not difficult to learn (it looks likein the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages), so before entering university expedient prouchitsya the preparatory course, after which students receive a certificate of completion and awarding language proficiency.

Montenegrin education system allowsstudents benefit from the academic bachelor program (3-4 years), Bachelor of Applied program (3 years), a specialist post-graduate program (duration of studies - 1 year), post-graduate Master's program (two-year training), the doctoral program (duration of studies - 3 years) .

You can enter the State UniversityMontenegro - Univerzitet Crne Gore. It offers students - 20 faculties (Economics, Electrical Engineering, Law, Medicine, Philosophy, Engineering, Faculty of Tourism, Maritime).

In Montenegro, there are 3 institutes, enrolling in thatYou can learn foreign languages, history and biology of the sea, as well as 2 private universities - Mediteran and Donja Gorica (here learn information technology, foreign languages, economics, tourism, law, fine arts). Wishes to study tourism and seafaring can go to university Kotor, and master the art of cinema and the best university in Cetinje.

Advantages of Montenegrin universities: they are all equipped with modern laboratories and equipment, and the curriculum allows students in their free time to earn money and support themselves fully.

Working while studying

Students are allowed to work: in Montenegro there are many job opportunities for professionals and non-professionals.

After graduating from the University of Montenegro, you will be able to successfully find employment in Montenegro, as well as in any European city.

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  • Education in Montenegro
  • Education in Montenegro
  • Education in Montenegro
  • Education in Montenegro

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