Rest in Montenegro in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Montenegro in August

Rest in Montenegro in August

Rest in Montenegro in August

It has its own charm rest in smaller countries,with mountain and sea views, historical sites and cultural events. For example, a small Montenegro has made great efforts to ensure that the country's guests enjoyed the stay here and wanted to come back.

Rest in Montenegro in August will be held at a veryhot weather, as if the summer is not going to end. It is necessary to be cautious with the acquisition process of tanning, more than swim, and the midday sun altogether avoided. During holiday time, you can visit the famous historical sites and take part in various festivals.

Weather in August

The air temperature on the coast soars to 33ºC, +30 ºC and held almost daily, at 10 ºC at night, so many tourists love to go for long walks in the moonlight. No rain is not seen even on the horizon, umbrellas also go on vacation. Adoption of sea bathing water is held at a temperature of +25 ºC, it is almost the same as swimming in fresh milk.

Festival Entrance

This is the largest festival of electronic musicinvites all amateur and professional musicians in the town of Rozaje, Herceg Novi. Everyone here is waiting to get an amazing kaleidoscope of natural beauty, scenic cliffs, azure sea and endless waves of positive from today's music.

That spark!

The country strives to keep up with his colleagues in thetourist industry, offering cultural events, local traditions spiced. So, who are invited to the Summer Carnival, a holiday that spills out onto the streets and squares, offering tourists join in the magical effect of music, theater, circus.

Another important event held in whichAugust. On a beautiful fashion show and review competition swim boats, each of which is neatly decked out by local craftsmen. Spectacular event is complemented by dances, songs and fun atmosphere. And in the final to choose the best boat, which is the winner, after her into the starry sky Montenegrin leave thousands of fireworks.

City Theatre

That is the definition gets knownMontenegrin resort of Budva. Almost two months, until the end of August, it turns into a real theater, where decorations are the walls of ancient castles, the actors in turn locals and tourists, the company they will make professionals coming from all over the world. Traditional performances and the latest statement, the worlds best teams and amateur troupes demonstrate their skills and understanding of the owl world.

Photos holidays in August

  • Rest in Montenegro in August
  • Rest in Montenegro in August

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