Children's camps in Montenegro for the summer. Children's camps in Montenegro in 2015

Children's camps in Montenegro

Children's camps in Montenegro

Montenegro - a small country with amazingnature and magnificent beaches. Its Mediterranean climate is favorable for children's activities. Therefore, many of our compatriots prefer to send their children to it, on the Balkan Peninsula.

How to choose a camp

Children's camps in Montenegro offer vacation onevery taste. You can buy a ticket to the child health, sports, education or language camp. Almost all children's leisure centers are located on the Adriatic coast.

Montenegro's climate is considered to be curative. There is clean air, warm sea and sandy beaches. Good environmental conditions - an advantage of Montenegro resorts. Virtually the entire country is under UNESCO protection, so the purity of nature is guarded very strictly.

In Montenegro, a lot of interest. During its existence it has suffered many disasters. Its territory was subjected to attacks of the aliens. Traces of such a turbulent history can be seen in Montenegro today: ruins of ancient cities, ancient buildings, forts, etc. But the main advantage of the country is its beautiful nature... Coastline from Budva to Pertovatsa called the Budva Riviera. The beaches, which are located there are popular all over the world. Among them there are pebbly and sandy beaches.

Children's camps in Montenegro are close toAdriatic Sea. At any time, you can send a child to stay in this country so that he could spend some time in an environment conducive to health. Children's centers in the country at any time, take the kids from all over the world. In the camps, various leisure possible. Montenegro is perfect for children's activities. At the UNCED conference in 1992 she received the right to be called environmentally friendly country. On the territory of Montenegro is dominated by dry and mild climate. Sea water is amazingly clean, in the summer its temperature reaches 27 degrees. Montenegro is best to visit from May to the end of October, during the bathing season.

In winter, you can go for the whole familyone of the ski resorts. Spa center with mud and the waters opened in Igalo. If you prefer outdoor activities, you can visit with the child international tourist center - the city of Budva. He is considered the undisputed favorite in the field of children's activities. You can find many exciting activities that one season is not enough.

Best camp in Montenegro

Children & youth camps are located inthe coastal zone of the country. you can pick up a good camp for your child easily if desired. There are centers that work as language schools. They offer children plunge into the world of knowledge from many different areas. For children with chronic diseases should choose the place in summer camps.

Budva, Montenegro, is considered the best place for recreation for children. In favor of this resort are the following facts:

  • quick flight,
  • the usual climatic conditions,
  • ecological nature,
  • European cuisine,
  • warm sea,
  • a lot of children's playgrounds.

Kids camp Montenegro are famous far beyond the country. The most famous are the "Citrus», «Sunny Camp» and others.

Photos of children's camps in Montenegro

  • Children's camps in Montenegro
  • Children's camps in Montenegro
  • Children's camps in Montenegro

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