Resorts in Montenegro: photos, description

Resorts Montenegro

Resorts Montenegro

Every year the number of tourists in the resortsMontenegro, because this Balkan republic can boast of amazing nature, clean beaches, excellent cuisine, and the same hospitality of its inhabitants. In conjunction with nice prices for the services of those of its dignity, bringing the country in the first place ranking for those travelers who prefer inexpensive, but comfortable and eco-friendly vacation.

Three Riviera for body and soul

The main beach resorts of Montenegro are concentrated in three coastal areas on the Adriatic coast:

  • Budva Riviera - the center of Montenegrin beachlife. The coastal strip is built up by hotels and casinos, restaurants and discos, and because the local spa towns are particularly suitable for fans of outdoor activities. The main resort of Riviera - Budva - is famous for its three dozen beaches, eight of which are marked by Certificates Blue Flag.
  • The resorts of Montenegro related to UltsinskoyRiviera, prefer to relax those who love historical and architectural attractions and sightseeing tours. The old fortress town of Ulcinj - a real masterpiece of medieval architecture.
  • Mineral springs and therapeutic mudGertsegnovskoy Riviera will help to spend a vacation with health benefits. Beaches resorts of Kotor, Tivat and rice are located in the northern part of the Montenegrin Adriatic coast. Jaru here pleasant sea breezes soften, and the number of sunny days per year more than the national average.

Choosing the right resort in Montenegro will help to make the tour operators, but anywhere on the Adriatic coast of guests waiting for the amazing nature of the Balkans.

Sport and active

Ski resorts in Montenegro - a successfulcombination of price and quality of the slopes. Arriving in Kolasin and Zabljak, fans of winter sports are surprised to find that the track is laid with great knowledge of the ski business, their quality can compete with the most prestigious in other European countries, and equipment rental costs, hotel rooms or dinner at the restaurant allows you to not too squander the family budget.
Mountain massif of Durmitor, which laid the basicski slopes in the resorts of Montenegro included in the UNESCO list of natural reserves, but because the surrounding views are remembered for a long time guests. Another advantage of the local ski resorts - excellent opportunities for freeriding than can rarely boast too "combed" the slopes of the other resorts in the Old World.


  • Resorts Montenegro
  • Resorts Montenegro

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