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Treatment in Montenegro

Treatment in Montenegro

In the Balkans, do everything well: swim and sunbathe on the beaches of the Adriatic blessed, eat the gifts of the local gardens, washing them down with the best wines, enjoy the noise of colorful markets in search of piece goods and admire the red tile roofs running down a bizarre pattern from the surrounding hills. And here it is accepted to be treated for problems and diseases that life throws up a surprising constancy modern working person. Treatment in Montenegro - a great chance to combine business with very pleasant, but because it is increasingly try to taste and Russian tourists.

important rules

Before you go for treatment in Montenegro,it is important to learn the specifics of health care programs, local health centers and consult with your doctor about possible contraindications. For a spa treatment here, there is no special season because sanatoria work all year round. This is to take advantage of those for whom not desirable too bright sun and high temperatures. The rest is quite lucky will be able to combine a beach holiday and treatment in Montenegro.

Methods and Achievements

Among the Montenegrin resort highlights two health centers, where specialists are highly professional, and treatment programs are internationally recognized:

  • Clinic "Vrmac" specialized in Prcanjin the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, neurological pathologies and joint inflammation. In addition, the clinic, patients can use the services of cosmetic and plastic surgery and give up bad habits with a unique course of treatment of inhalation.
  • Centre "Igalo" is known far beyond the bordersBalkan Peninsula, because it specialization - the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine and rehabilitation of patients who have had surgery on it. And in "Igalo" help people to lose weight and lower cholesterol, cleanse the body of toxins and love yoga, refresh the skin with special therapeutic programs and to conduct a course of massage to tone the muscles and internal organs.

Price issue

Montenegro still can not boast too"Promoted" tourist status, but because the room in a sanatorium with diet and medication for the coming season is quite real book no more than 30 euros per day. The hospitality and professionalism of the staff will be made default and enrich not too technologically advanced interiors of hotels and treatment rooms.


  • Treatment in Montenegro
  • Treatment in Montenegro
  • Treatment in Montenegro

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