Holidays in Morocco in February: prices and weather. Where to rest in Morocco in February

Holidays in Morocco in February

Holidays in Morocco in February

Holidays in Morocco in February is not guaranteedIt disappoints travelers. The mild climate, the fragrance of spices, colorful details and structures - that is what will be the basis of pleasant impressions about the country, even if you visit it in the winter.

Advantages of the February holiday in Morocco

Since Morocco is located in the subtropics, inFebruary, there will not be faced with drought and the incredible heat. On the contrary, a vacation here at this time will please travelers of normal humidity and a pleasant refreshing coolness. However, it is fair to say that sunbathing on the beach for fun in the late winter just will not work. Cold winds and Atlantic waters will be an obstacle to proper rest and comfort.

However, inquisitive and active tourists and withoutthat is, what to do and to entertain. The bright sun, which is a lot of interesting places, water sports - all waiting for travelers, even in February. In Morocco, there are plenty of places for a wonderful, full vacation. This billiard halls, restaurants, a casino, a hookah, bazaars, quiet and cozy cafes, dynamic nightclubs, golf centers. These places can be an excellent analogue of a beach holiday, which is not very good at sunset winter.

As the heat and sun dominate here all year round, the problems with the choice of a presentable hotel complex is not exactly there. All of them operate without interruption.

Things to do on holiday in Morocco in February

In February holiday in Morocco can be particularlyattractive for those tourists who dream to be in Casablanca. Because in this period of travel time is not as much as in the summer days, you can be happy, without haste and hustle consider the most interesting sights. Most of the tour operators visit here offers an interesting mosque, which is located on the shores of the Atlantic. It was erected in honor of Hassan II. Remarkably, this object is rather new. His consecration took place in 1993 alone. The minaret, which is present in the mosque, rightly recognized as the highest in the world. Its height is about 175 meters. Remarkably, the entrance here is open to people belonging to any religion. That is why in February, you should definitely look here and in a quiet, cozy atmosphere all thoroughly considered.

Photos vacation in Morocco

  • Holidays in Morocco in February
  • Holidays in Morocco in February

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