Holidays in Morocco in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Morocco in January

Holidays in Morocco in January

Holidays in Morocco in January

When in Russia the snow and cold, you want to getwhere warmer. And then you need to think about the countries that have not really spoiled by tourists and offer a great vacation at an affordable price. And this country is Morocco.

Where to go in Morocco in January

In January in Morocco is warm enough. The air temperature does not drop below 29 ° C, but the water in the ocean is cool. Very popular with tourists in January, it is the area of ​​Essaouira. It is a paradise for surfers. The constant wind and high waves let you enjoy surfing for everyone. If you swim in the salty ocean water is not possible, you need to pay attention to the sightseeing tours.

First stop - Marrakech - this is an old city,surrounded by a high wall. The capital of Morocco is also called orange city because all the buildings are made from local clay, which gives it an orange tint. In this city you can fully feel the spirit of the Arab states, to become better acquainted with this Arab culture and enjoy the oriental flavor. In Morocco, pending flaunt wealth and luxury, so all the attractions are hidden from the casual look and find them without a guide is very difficult. This is the Koutoubia Mosque, the El Badi Palace, Saadian tombs of the famous dynasty, beautiful gardens Majorelle, the largest in North Africa madrasas Ben Yusef and others.

By the way, not far from Marrakech is a ski resort, a visit which in January will bring a lot of pleasure.

Agadir is the most popular resort amongtourists. This is the epicenter of fun and celebration. The resort presents all the possible entertainment for tourists. Interesting fact: that far from the city filmed several episodes of "Star Wars." Scenery and left in the desert, so it pays to look at them.

A few things that must get done in Morocco tourist in January:

  • Take a dip in the warm soft water pool at their hotel.
  • Meditate in one of the temples in Marrakech.
  • Buy oriental ornaments in the jewelry market at the gate of the city of Fez.
  • Drink a cup of aromatic Moroccan tea in the main square of the capital.
  • Conquer the wave at one of the beaches of Essaouira.
  • Buy traditional shoes Little Flour.

Morocco - the perfect choice for the rest of January. There are no crowds, noisy highways or pretentious hotels. This quiet eastern country that will give pleasure and unforgettable emotions.

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  • Holidays in Morocco in January
  • Holidays in Morocco in January

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