Holidays in Morocco in September: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Morocco in September

Holidays in Morocco in September

Holidays in Morocco in September

September in Morocco is ready to please the pleasant warmth.

Weather in Morocco in September

Sultry heat and humidity remain in the past. September is one of the most comfortable months in Morocco. The temperature is gradually lowered, resulting in a comfortable reach indicators. Maximum values ​​are recorded in the southern regions, which are adjacent to the Sahara. For example, in Marrakech can be + 30 ... + 32C, and in the first decade of + 35 ... + 37C. By night the air cools down to + 18 ... + 20C. South Atlantic breezes blown resorts, so the temperature can be + 27 ... + 30C. Approximately ten degrees the temperature drops in the evening.

The farther away from the southern areas on the foreshore,the less heat. For example, in Rabat and Casablanca can be + 25 ... + 26C. In Tangier, which is a Mediterranean resort, the temperature ranges from +18 to +25 degrees. The central regions of delight + 29C in the daytime, but at night the air cools down to 13 degrees.

The amount of precipitation remains the same as in August, so the tourists have the opportunity to forget the umbrella.

Holidays and festivals in Morocco in September

Do you like jazz? In this case, in the second half of September is necessary to visit in Tangier, where the festival dedicated to jazz improvisation. The event will come to talented musicians from around the world. Despite the fact that the festival lasts five days, an unforgettable experience you can get. Tan Jazz is held in Tangier every year, so you have plenty of opportunities to discover the multi-faceted modern jazz. Visit the numerous concerts, because you can get acquainted with the music of Europe, the Balkans, Egypt and Tunisia. Special feature is the introduction to the gypsy jazz. You can see the performances of klezmer.

Prices for tours to Morocco in September

As of September we have to end the summer seasonholidays, travel packages, and so the rental of property in Morocco cheaper. About substantial savings early to say, but the costs will be less than in July and August. You can spend a wonderful vacation in Morocco, avoiding the substantial costs, because this feature will appear in September, when the weather is more pleasant conditions for happy!

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  • Holidays in Morocco in September
  • Holidays in Morocco in September

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