How to fly from Oslo to Moscow? Time of flight Oslo - Moscow

How to fly from Oslo to Moscow?

How to fly from Oslo to Moscow?

In Oslo you can admire the fjords,ride the rides in the park "Tusen Fryd", have some fun, "Belleville" in night clubs, "Gamle Logen" and "Rock Bottom", visit the Sculpture Park Vigeland, visit the Museum of the ship "Fram" and the Viking Ship Museum, see the Nobel Peace Center and Akershus fortress? And soon you will fly back home?

How to fly from Oslo to Moscow (direct flight)?

1,600 km separates Moscow and the capital of Norway (flying in this direction takes about 2 hours). So, the way to Moscow with "Aeroflot" will take 2.5 hours, and a "Icelandair" - 1,5 hours.

You are interested to know the cost of the air ticketOslo-Moscow? Count on the fact that for it you will be asked to pay a minimum of 6,500 rubles (some of the lowest ticket prices in this area are in May and October).

Connection Flight Oslo-Moscow

Repatriation may be carried out through Vienna, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Geneva, London, Warsaw and other cities, with the result that the trip will last from 4 to 20 hours.

Travelers flying to Moscow with "BrusselsAirlines "with a stop in Brussels, would have to spend in the air 5.5 hours (the whole trip will last 7 hours), with the" Estonian Air "in Tallinn - 3 hours (the whole way takes 4 hours), with the" Sas "in Copenhagen - 3 5:00 (home will land after 6.5 hours), with the "KLM" in Amsterdam - 5 hours (for the whole journey will take 7 hours), with the "Swiss" in Zurich and Prague - 6.5 hours (all air-ride lasts 10 hours), with "Lufthansa" in Frankfurt am Main - 5.5 hours (you will return home after 11.5 hours).

Choose a carrier

Departures from Oslo to Moscow made by the following companies on the Avro RJ 100, Embraer 170, Boeing 737-600, Airbus A 321 and other planes: "Norwegian Air"; "Sas"; "KLM"; "Aeroflot".

Fly from Oslo to Moscow for travelersoffer from Oslo Airport (OSL) - and it divides the city of 45 km. The airport has a large duty free area and shops, food establishments, where you can satisfy your hunger and cold, belonging to different cuisines of the world, lounges mothers with children, ATMs, lounges of different degrees of comfort.

How to occupy yourself while in the air?

Flight advisable to devote reflection - itwill help you decide on those who give gifts, bought in the capital of Norway, in the form of colorful knitted sweaters, traditional decorations of silver, figurines Vikings and trolls (from wood and ceramic to soft toys), sneakers and mittens made of leather and skins of moose, seals or seals, SIDS, dolls, painted vases, woolen tapestry, aquavit - potato vodka, infused with herbs.


  • How to fly from Oslo to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Oslo to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Oslo to Moscow?

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